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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Is Remote Viewing, Entanglement - A concept?

Is Remote Viewing, Entanglement - A concept?

June, 2010

For years I have been reading up and practising remote viewing and many times during this process I have seen Ingo Swann title this thing ‘telepathy’ like in the title of his 'Penetration' book. At times over these years I have pondered this thinking No its definitely not Telepathy (mind to mind) communication it can’t be, it has to be more exotic than this, Maybe Ingo made a mistake. Now though my ideas have changed – I feel like hes been trying to hint at and tell us something for years but most of us have just completely missed it.

This past year I’ve done quite a few remote viewing projects and targets and even now the actual process of rv always seems to be changing – it shifts. I now think I have an idea why. I’m starting to think that RV is a smaller manifestation of the workings of the universe and quantum behaviour in that, like small quanta of which the entire universe is constructed, the RV process/mechanism behaves sometimes like a wave an sometimes like a particle.

I think that at times the rv process acts like a particle and that we get ‘direct’ information – this is shown when both the tasker/analysts and the remote viewer are surprised and that the information recorded by the viewer is more than what the viewer, tasker/analyst actually knew and could only be confirmed by feedback – new data.

Then I think at times the rv process acts like a wave and the data is more in line with the tasker/analysts thoughts and information about the target – not really new data and data slanted towards their internal impressions/beliefs – this i feel is telepathic. This is probably the noisier route?

I think what may be happening is just like the ‘double slit’ experiments. The act of observing and analysing the remote viewing project, collapses the duality of the process into a particle/wave approach or in remote viewing data terms direct or telepathic data.

What I feel is happening is what the ancients have been trying to cryptically tell us for years with phrase like ’as above so is below’. I feel rv works as does the quantum universe we are part of.

This seems to make sense to me in what I have observed as a constantly changing entity. At times the data feels so much more direct with new, unknown data. Then at other times the data feels slanted and impressioned – on examination it looks more akin to the expectations and wants of the tasker/analyst.

Could this mechanism also be a fundamental contributor to the ‘noise’ problem? I haven’t got this far in my thinking yet - but if could be. Also how far and to what extent the observation plays in collapsing the duality, I too haven’t given much thought to this – this is just an expression on some concepts in my head.

I wanted to share with you...
My thinking is that probably like so many things, the RV process behaves like quanta and collapses its duality with observance (conscious interaction/investigation) and that it is both direct knowledge through the behaviours of quantum physics and that it is also telepathic in nature, both existing at the same time until collapsed by observance or conscious participation in the project and its outcome.

What do you think – could this concept be onto something?

Could the data be direct knowledge and telepathic, and collapsible? Is 'conscious observance' the key to this process?

All the best...


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