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Saturday, October 21, 2006

U.S Navy commander questions the closure of the Stargate remote viewing program

A newly released and very thought provoking document hit the net recently. A paper written for the Marine Corp. war college by a Commander L.R.Bremseth, United States Navy, 2001.
The subject matter is the CIA/DIA Remote viewing program - and should it be re-initiated.

Did the CIA terminate the remote viewing program because it feared potential ridicule by association, or did it stage a "public execution" as a means of taking the program underground? Both are legitimate questions.

The first is understandable given perception of paranormal
activities by many within American society, as well as the CIA's past experiences involving controversial research efforts. Arguably, the second question is more intriguing as it implies that the CIA recognized the value of remote viewing, yet intended to make it appear otherwise.

By discrediting the program, was
the CIA actually intending to continue using remote viewing but under its own supervision and for its own purposes under a newly established and more tightly controlled program? Or, was the CIA concerned that remote viewing could be used to access sensitive U.S. secrets by both U.S. and non-U.S. remote viewers, particularly if this ability was somehow to become publicly recognized and possibly regarded as intriguing or even stimulating by society at-large? What becomes of intelligence services if or when they can no longer guarantee the security of their respective nation's most sensitive secrets? Remote viewing could not be controlled and the CIA knew it. Albeit speculative, these questions are but a few that deserve more in-depth treatment than was afforded the remote viewing program by the AIR report.
click here to download the full document

Sunday, October 08, 2006

ARV - Remote Viewing and winning

My month long reintroduction to hard core remote viewing practice is going well. Part of my new training is the expansion of outcomes based ARV style remote viewing. For this I am using randomly picked football matches that will occur within 48 hrs of my RV sessions. I pick five matches at a time and do a quick 1 minute RV session for each match. The cue for each of these sessions is roughly ‘will xxx win the match on xxx date’.

Currently I have done 20 games and am running at about 70-80% accuracy overall. I have made a little cash on these betting experiments and now use a two pronged approach. Firstly I bet a mall accumulator bet on the five games – this may if I beat my general accuracy and get a ‘martini session’ give me the big win of hundreds. I also bet a single small amount of each individual football game. This, if I keep to my accuracy of 80% give me enough winnings to cover the accumulator, the individual bets and a small amount of profit.

Overall it’s working well and with a few tweaks to the cueing and targeting I feel that there may even be another 5% increase in accuracy to be achieved. Based on my previous post it helps by NOT having more than one objective linked to the ARV targeting at the point of creating the targets.

Anyway its still early days but showing promise so I’ll keep you informed.

Click here to see the bet slips and results for the last two bets (10 games).



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