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Friday, September 02, 2011

Remote Viewing - Missing person case - Maddy Scott

For a few years now I have been working within FindMe group, a group of intuitive consultants, ex police and search and recovery experts on missing persons projects across the globe. A recent and ongoing project I  BLINDLY worked for the group was for a missing Canadian woman called Maddy Scott - who is still missing.

My remote viewing session for this case in enclosed in hope that anyone involved in the case may see something within its contents and sketches that may help further. As always my thoughts are with the family and we all hope that all the combined efforts with bring Maddy home to her family soon.

My remote viewing as always was done blind - meaning I had no detail what-so-ever about who or where the missing person was. My remote viewing indicates a person missing in a remote, natural location, which is wet, green and has alot of trees. There are various sketches of landmarks and locational details all at a location/area beginning with 'C'..

The remote viewing session is here:

News about this case (the only feedback so far) is here:

Details about the FindMe group can be found here:
My main remote viewing website is here:


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