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Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly FOIA remote viewing documents from the NSA and US Army

The first Remote Viewing document this week is:

A summary of the CENTER LANE remote viewing work with the NSA.
Circa - August, 1983.

It states: 
"In the past three months this office has been involved in three projects for the NSA: These projects have been conducted for the NSA; a total of eight interviews were conducted. The projects have produced information of significant value to the NSA."

This document can be downloaded here:

The second document hails form the very early days of the remote viewing program;
November 1978. It details the formation of the GONDOLA WISH remote viewing program and why:

key parts are: 
"The CIA has successfully used parapsychological techniques for offensive intelligence collection. US research has demonstrated the ability to use paranormal sensory mechanisms for intelligence collection numerous times.

Based on US "state-of-the-art" , the advanced state of Soviet parapsychology research, and KGB sponsorship of this effort, the Soviets are believed to have the ability to conduct intelligence missions using parapsychology. It is reasonable to assume that the Soviets have exercised their ability."

"Definition: GONDOLA WISH is a program designed to integrate the Soviet and East European parapsychology intelligence collection threat into the all-source OPSEC support scenario. This is to be accomplished by training MI personnel to be able to collect sensitive intelligence data through parapsychological means (such training has been scientifically demonstrated to be possible and is available) and then to utilize these trained personnel to perform the OPSEC cycle (i.e. demonstrate the threat, identify EEFI exploitable by parapsychological means, determine vulnerabilities, and recommend countermeasures) in support of selected installations/projects."

"The CIA has used parapsychological techniques for offensive intelligence collection.These missions were conducted during the early 1970s. An "official" parapsychology offensive intelligence collection program is not being p rsued at this time. There are two reasons for this. First, the source (gifted individual) they were using, Patrick Price, died. Second, the department that was in charge of this program was the same one that got into a mess over assassination plots. That department was disbanded, the personnel reassigned, and much documentation was destroyed. DIA postulates that CIA will be conducting an "official" collection program in the future when the political climate is better."

Both US and Soviet research have shown that individual paranormal ability is intrinsic and that this ability can be enhanced through training and practice. Such training can include reinforcement techniques, meditative practice, self-hypnosis, biofeedback, and in the USSR, drug induced altered states of consciousness.
The Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences (MIAS), Afton, VA, provides relaxation training to industrial executives using advanced biofeedback techniques. MIAS also provides a multidiciplined program designed to enhance paranormal abilities for interested individuals."

a.(S) The Soviets have the ability to collect intelligence using paranormal means and are believed to be doing so.

b.(S) The US Army is subject to exploitation by the Soviet parapsychology threat.

c.(C) Action must be taken to counter this threat if the US Army is going to remain effective in the accomplishment of its mission.
d. (S) The OPSEC mission of the 902d MI Group is best suited to provide the US Army with security support designed to counter this new Soviet threat."

The GONDOLA WISH document can be downloaded here:
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