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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Missing persons, Remote viewing and Mitrice Richardson

Missing persons, Remote viewing and Mitrice Richardson

Yesterday (Friday 20th) it was confirmed that the human remains found in a Malibu hills ravine were those of long time missing student Mitrice Richardson. Mitrice, is a case I had been following since November 2009 when as part of the FINDME group, I had consulted with my intuitive skills on the disappearance of the then missing person.

With some of the cases that come through my hands, you can't but help to feel in some way connected to them as you as an intuitive consultant try to experience what they experienced and as you try to describe their current location for the authorities.

My heart goes out to her family and I now hope that they can find some measure of closure as they try to deal with this loss in their lives.

It was only a week ago that I was emailing back and forth with my project manager about this case after latest news broke of a sighting of Mitrice in Las Vegas that the police were following-up as a credible lead, to which I responded 'sorry but they are wrong - my data shows she's dead and in a ravine in the Malibu hills'. Now we have the sad confirmation to that fact.

Enclosed is my intuitive data for this project. I use a technique called Controlled Remote viewing. This means that I did this project BLIND. I had no information what-so-ever on the identity or location of the missing person. All I had was a random number to focus upon and the knowledge that SOMEONE was missing.

Here is the latest news:

Los Angeles (CBS/AP)
"The skull and bones found near an abandoned marijuana grove in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu are the remains of 25-year-old Mitrice Richardson, according to officials."

NBC news: On Monday afternoon, a crime scene was cordoned off along Dark Canyon Road off Piuma Road. The bones were discovered in dense chaparral in a ravine. California State Park Rangers discovered the bones during a marijuana eradication effort around 1:30 p.m.

Fox News: Malibu - Skeletal remains found Monday in a Malibu ravine were identified today as those of a Los Angeles woman who went missing last September after being released from the sheriff's Malibu-Lost Hills Station. The skull and bones were discovered about 1 p.m. Monday, when state park rangers were searching an abandoned marijuana patch in the unincorporated Monte Nido area. The remains were found "a couple of miles" away from the sheriff's station from which Richardson was released, Baca said.

My session summary: (please view the pdf to see it in full with sketches)

The primary life is:
A student
Was distressed Now Dead Feel accidental – no-one else involved

The location is:

In water or water was involved/near.

The location flows downwards in a jagged direction/flow
Above the area is a hill/mountain. Natural with trees, each side of the water.
The water has raised areas where it meets the land, the water feels lower.

This feels stony, maybe even boulders.

There are structures.

Some structures are to the side of the location (400yrds)

There is also a two lane road that is at times by the side of the water/flowing area.

At one point there is a manmade interruption of the water, this moves the water downwards very fast – some kind of man made overflow/control area.
Up from the location of the body is a bridge or road that crosses the water/area.

The missing person is:

Dead - Feels maybe of exposure/water Feels crumpled, disjointed and caught-up or snagged This feels like a small tributary, hard corner or space.
Feel squeezed, bunched-up, exposed to water and air.

you will see from my remote viewing session that I BLINDLY described the case and a location that fits very well with the now known location of the remains. As with all remoet viewing there may be a little 'noise' in the Rv session. In this case possible the 'water' component. Until we get more information on the exact location this is hard to fully determine. regarding the rest of my data including the sketches - it looks pretty good. You will also note that although remote viewing and intuitive consultancy can possibly help in cases like this, its not infallible and not perfect by any means.

Yes I did accurately describe Mitrice as being deceased and located in a ravine a few miles from the police station, but in a location with many such ravines all looking similar, how much this helped I don't know. I do wish we could all help more.

I'm sure you will agree that the skill is useful but its not the be all and end all. Its a work in progress. We constantly try to expand and learn form what we do and how we try to help. If you too feel you can help with intuitive consultancy then please contact the FINDME group for further details.
We and the missing people could always do with more help.

Full remote viewing session download for Mitrice Richardson


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