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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

UK MOD looks through the Stargate remote viewing program for UFO's

Earlier this year (February) it was revealed through FOIA (Freedom of information act) documents that the UK MOD previously conducted secret tests into remote viewing in 2002. The MOD study concluded that even though they used complete novices with very shaky project structure and a 28% accuracy rate that 'remote viewing' was of little value.

Yet this doesn’t actually seem to be the first time the British MOD investigated remote viewing, and it seems that certain branches of the MOD actually already had a closer relationship with remote viewing.

Hidden amongst the confusion of the 89,901 CIA/DIA Stargate FOIA documents was a standard run of the mill report of the monthly activities of the current Stargate project manager circa June 1994. In this document he details an upcoming meeting with a secret arm of the UK MOD - DI-55.

Why is this interesting? – Firstly because it seems the MOD interest in remote viewing actually started well before the 2002 study (eight years before) and secondly, DI-55 is the branch of the MOD that allegedly deals with UFO’s. So yet again we have two intelligence services across the pond from each other and another UFO connection to American remote viewing projects.

A note from DI55 to the public UFO desk on 5th July 1995 said:

"I see no reason for continuing to deny that the [Defence Intelligence Service] has an interest in UFOs. However, if the association is formally made public then the MoD will no doubt be pressured to state what the intelligence role/interest is”.

Click here to view the Stargate june 1994 monthly report

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cold war psychic operatives

Many thanks to Alex @ for allowing me to post this interesting article.

Cold War Psychic Operatives

By T. Stokes

In the mid seventies, the English channel was the venue for a secret and
amazing psychic cold war incident, the channel is the busiest shipping lane in the world and many incidents happened there during that period, but an occasion occurred that still baffles intelligence personnel. A warning light on a marker bouy had gone out and Trinity House who deal with the bouys, had to send out a small boat a.s.a.p. to put it right, when they reached the bouy, they found that a nearby Russian trawler was casually using it as target practice for small arms fire, The Trinity House repair crew quickly retreated back to the bigger boat, and on looking through binoculars saw the Russian trawler was bristling with concealed armaments, the Admiralty decided to ask a passing U S aircraft carrier to put itself between the bouy and the trawler, so repairs could be made on the bouys light.

The bill for the hire of the U S aircraft carrier to the British admiralty
was “£ 3000 per hour.

Some years later on defector evidence it was said that the whole operation was “controlled and psychically overwatched “ by Wolf Messing trained thought transmission operatives on board the trawler.

The Russian society for experimental psychology founded in 1891, went
underground during the communist oppression, when officially such things were frowned upon, yet over the next 60 years advances in psychic techniques and disciplines were sharpened and honed by soviet scientists, to an astonishing degree.

Soviet documents describe such things as “motor impulses” which we in the
west call telepathy, had advanced to such a point that restricted documents show successful tests in sending messages from submarine to surface, and even mentally intercepting the feel of U S sent coded message traffic. How the west came to find out was an interesting story in itself, a senior Soviet operative from Directorate One, the dept, that ran the psychic testing, was continually passed over for promotion, due to his very poor birth, and his mother a cleaner in the building, took away scraps of paper and smuggled them to the west in revenge.

Vladimir Durov with his animal and people mental tests, showed the value of
mental influence, and in Britain in W.W.II Alexander Cannon as part of Churchill’s occult “Black team” showed similar in his lecture called; “Proving the impossible – Possible,” This news held the British war dept in a state of shock. Famous Neuropathologist Vladimir Bekhterev was forced into the “ thought suggestions” programme, by communist hardliners, in military terms any psychic operations are called, Psychotronics, and Bekhterev became head of the Brain Research Institute at Leningrad, where he had unlimited funding to improve by whatever means possible the abilities of cold war psywarriors. Sensitive subjects were hot-housed in experiments round the clock day after day month in month out until their abilities were honed to a knife edge.

The battery effect was where a battery of wills where a team of thought
transmission agents, could will the U.S president to make decisions in the Soviet favour, this was demonstrated in the Cuban missiles crisis when the U S was stopped from using this as an excuse for an attack, as one senior defector said;” but it was alright for the U S to have missiles on OUR doorstep in W. Germany” Successful usage of this was also claimed to interfere, confuse and muddle defectors statements, as in the James Angleton investigations. The defector also claimed successful testing, and feasibility for the psychotronics team to stop the heart beat of someone from across the world, in preparation for an attack on the U S president and others.

Professor Leonid Vasiliev, Yuri Orlov and Wolf Messing, have all separately been identified as part of the Soviet psychic warfare iniative by both A. I. Ps ( agents in place) and defector informants, who under the Witness protection programme, have given startling evidence of developed clairvoyance, telekinesis remote viewing, telepathy and thought disruption and interference, to the point where a subject can be taken under remote control and used as the “Manchurian candidate” of say a Sirhan Sirhan. Alexander Litvinenko still had much to tell us, when he was murdered last week.

Much Soviet documentation in the top secret red papers category and now in
the west has been used by Paul Mc’kenna and Derren Brown type performers to amusing effect. Regrettably many experiments under the orders of Joseph Stalin himself were carried out in Soviet mental hospitals, where subjects were said to have had their capabilities enhanced and extended to the point of madness.

The Mitrokhin archives show that after Krushchev’s accession in 1956 Psi
research was given increased funding in secret while openly decried as nonsense. Lavrenti Beria the psychopathic secret police chief claimed Wolf Messing could read his thoughts and could yet make, train and build the greatest of all spies.

In a superb article in Unexplained magazine, it states that just prior to
the siege of Leningrad in 1940 Vassiliev showed that the muscles of an insects intestines respond to electrical impulses emitted from contracting human muscles, showing amazing connective thought between species, plant experiments also show this connection .

Czech parapsychologist Dr .Milan Ryzl claimed the most startling research
has never been seen, particularly on suggestology, and Frank Hyde the London Psychic demonstrated at the U S Embassy in 1975 how he could mentally rummage the drawers in the secure room, while standing downstairs in the foyer, and re-tell what the documents said. His psychic connection to the U S space shots, if true, is rumoured still classified. In response to defector information, the U.S under several people such as general Stubblebine, began training their own psywarriors, using much material from Britain, under Winston Churchill’s wartime Black team magical experiments. Dr Venyami Yermolayev with his psychokinetic crew, demonstrated the levitation of extremely heavy objects by thought alone, and Dr. venyami Pushkin documented men being lifted high into the air, as in the India rope trick, Neurophysicist Dr. Gennady Sergayev even Invented a Bio-energy measuring device for testing these wonders.

In 1970 the book “psychic discoveries behind the iron curtain” was published by Schroeder and Sheila Ostrander, and upset the Russians for revealing its espionage defence and psywar capabilities, but most of all how to intercept and alter thought telepathy between enemy agents. See documentation by Gen. Boris. Ratnikov.

T Stokes

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Uri Geller remote viewing filmed at SRI 1972

Remote viewing on film circa SRI 1972.

You tube the bastion of film freedom now has the much discussed Uri Geller SRI experiments/ films that you can view. Here you can see a much younger Targ & Puthoff put Uri thru the paces in many differing Psi and remote viewing experiments, some under double blind protocols.

These filmed experiments aren’t the jaded attempts certain magicians have tried to create to disinform the public at large about this true human ability, but are clear evidence of the human potential which is within us all maybe even the sceptics.

View the videos in four parts here

These have been released by where you can find further info, books and products from Uri Geller.



Sunday, May 06, 2007

Remote viewing - The UFO extraterrestrial problem (excerpts)

Looking thru my many archive boxes in the attic which contain thousands of pages of remote viewing sessions and just about anything I could find online about the subject circa 1996 to present day, I came across this insightful article form the jedi master of RV himself Ingo Swann. This article resonates with me in a time whereby we still have no answers to the abduction and UFO riddle and yet we the practitioners of RV could find the solution just like Ingo describes - the only catch getting a qualified group of remote viewers to actaully work togther on it.

The UFO extraterrestrial problem (excerpts)
By Ingo Swann.

Anyone who has been keeping up with UFO and ET-abduction news during the last 30 years must realize that Earthlings have a problem that is increasing in scope and meaning. It goes far beyond the exciting technological possibilities hinted at by UFO hardware and the allegedly "advanced intelligence" of beings who create and fly it.

As UFO-ET abductee evidence increasingly shows, we Earthlings are being sexually farmed and harvested, without our cooperation, for our genetic materials and for purposes that are completely obscured by the ETs, and which must be considered ominous.

We Earthlings have surrounded this dreadful activity with cultural avoidance, scientific skepticism, giggles, argumentation, divisive speculation among UFO researchers, wholesale media debunking, and apparently with deliberate government disinformation. There is nothing wholesome about ET activity or about our confused responses to it.

When UFOs inhabit our sky, confuse radar, and cause government concern, and thousands are abducted by ETs, we definitely have a UFO-ET problem. [But] we have not defined the problem per se. Many are uncertain that we even have a problem, and until the nature of the real problem is established, many can ignore UFO-ET issues altogether.

The problem does not reduce to human terms. UFOs and ETs must be understood on their own terms... The situation, as managed and mismanaged so far, fails to uncover the one common denominator that we and the ETs have (besides their interest in our genetic materials.)

All abductees and many who have sighted UFOs insist that ETs communicate with them by telepathy, via an outright, undeniably psychic method.

Using an outmoded description of telepathy, they are the psychic senders while we are the psychic receivers. This form of communication makes it patently clear that they possess psychic abilities and communicate to us through ours.

The ETs psychically "read" or "scan" human mind contents, and abductees report their own awareness of this. Psychic communicating and scanning is reported in all abductee stories. Yet human UFO-ET researchers have not followed up on it. Researchers avoid the psychic issues altogether, and few of them are willing to become involved with psychic research. Mainstream resistance to their mission is difficult enough without incorporating psychic research, the other topic which the mainstream resists vigorously.

If abductee evidence is accepted, however, as it increasingly is, then we also have to begin accepting its overt psychic foundations. The ETs communicate with us psychically. They could not do so unless we too possess a psychic substructure through which the communication can take place. We have a common psychic denominator, and it seems strange that I should be the first to make an issue of it, because it has been identifiable since the Betty and Barney Hill abduction in 1961.

We are on the undeveloped end of the matter. This is largely our own fault because our mainstream societies, religions, and sciences are unalterably opposed to psychic research and psychic development and have taken very active social measures to suppress them. Considering this active social suppression, something very ominous rears its head vis-a-vis ET psychicness and human psychic suppression throughout history.

If they possess developed psychic capabilities and we undeveloped ones, it is feasible to assume that, if we developed ours, we could achieve some measure of penetration into ET motives, activities, and purposes. It is clear they will continue to have immeasurable psychic and real advantages over us as long as we do not develop psychic capabilities and permit the issue to be completely ignored.

It should be clear to us that they are not eager for us to develop psychically enough to enable us to psychically assess them. It is possible to deduce that the reason psychic research is resisted and debunked in our societies may originate with them and not with us. We as a species may have been mind-entrained by them to attack and destroy our own psychic capacities.

"Telepathic communication" is the one single common denominator of all contactee and abductee experiences. This telepath is two-way: from the ET, or their androids, to humans; and since ETs know what humans are thinking, from us to the ETs. Why then do some researchers stand in awe of ET psychic powers but laugh when our own psychic potentials are suggested to them?

We could at least try to meet psychic power with psychic power. For example, a hundred people who have successfully demonstrated psychic abilities could be asked to focus on the UFO-ET problem and build up a psychically-acquired information pool. The results and conclusions of this pool would place us in a mess no worse than the one surrounding the UFO-ET situation today. Some new, if unorthodox, insights into the problem might emerge.

Some time ago, I wondered how many people have had intuitions or psychic perceptions of UFOs and ETs beyond those reported by abductees. I have had some, but 20 years of psychic experience has confirmed that better overall pictures are obtained by correlating many psychic inputs. The average man or woman could easily provide significant clues when those clues are integrated into a larger scenario.

Experience has also taught me that many people are reluctant to contribute psy impressions because of potential ridicule, or because they feel the matter should be left to psychics or established researchers. Come on, people, we are being kidnapped and genetically farmed, and the next abductees may be you or your children. A larger ET picture is being built up by them. We need to penetrate the ET scenario before it is too late. This is no longer a matter of parapsychologists, debunkers, skeptics, scientists, media slapstick, and so on. We need to go to work psychically no matter who we are.

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