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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Remote Viewing customer evaluations - NSA briefing doc 1981

One of the biggest sceptical arguments against the validity of remote viewing is, if it works then why did the military say it wasn't useful for intel and operations and they closed the projects?'

Well the clear answer is - it did work and contrary to any claims there is also proof of this. This document shows a small sample of client comments on operational intel use of remote viewing.

I passed a-round selected samples of GRILL FLAME evaluations that we have received from consumers.(See our TOP SECRET eval file.)

I stressed that our effort was not research and development, but strictly operational in nature.

5. (U) I would say that the committee received the presentation.with an "open mind" attitude. Their questions and keen interest demonstrated that they were trying to search out the answers to a very puzzling,problem.



ITAC: There were a few.spectacular reports ... the project confirmed with uncanny accuracy the presence of a recently constructed major ditch array and the number and type of elite units in a remote garrison area.

CIA: In sum~ou:rexperience with GF, thus far, tends to strengthen the validity of the techniques involved and also indicates that its greatest utility as an operational tool may be in the CI field.

JCS: In 16 out of 18 cases GF sources described the facility in sufficient detail to allow positive identification.

ITAC: I would also like to compliment you and your personnel on achieving an intelligence community "First."


JCS: Therefore, it is the judgement of this analyst that extensive testing and development of control procedures be accomplished before any final assessment of the value of GF material can be made.

The full document is here: 1981 Grill Flame Briefing for NSA scientific commitee
More remote viewing documents here



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