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Friday, December 03, 2010

1983 DIA assessment of James Randi (magician)

Another classic document from the Star Gate remote viewing program - A DIA report on the James Randi use of 'plants' in an experiment - 1983
"Thus, it is apparent that Mr. Randi has presented an extremely one-sided view of this hoax attempt. He even claims that all parapsychological research is of, questionable value. Most TV and press coverage thus far also reflect these views. As a result, the general public is given highly biased perspectives of this research area in general. This could generate negative reactions toward all parapsychological research, even for those laboratories where controls are tight and where unsolicited subjects are not accepted.

It is clear Mr. Randi is solely interested in promoting his image as a clever magician, and in enhancing his career as a showman, at the expense of reporting accuracy. The use of tactics involving "plants" raises significant ethical issues as well."
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Improving Real-Time ESP by Suppressing the Future

A blast form the past document here:

Improving Real-Time ESP by Suppressing the Future: Trans-Temporal Inhibition.," paper presented at Electro 77, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, New York City, 1977.

This document details the discovery that individuals successfully using telepathy to perceive real time targets are simultaneously and unknowingly using precognitive ESP to suppress their perception of future targets.

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