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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Remote viewing, spies, and Xmen

My name is Daz and I’m a psychic who uses the methods of Remote Viewing (CRV) or Controlled Remote Viewing. For nine years now I have been training and learning this skill – now to the point whereby I feels it’s at a stable level and accurate enough to be used for many of life’s mysteries and adventures. And boy its an adventure 

In fact the whole process of learning to Remote View had been one big adventure from the start. Way back in the early days I started asking questions and researching RV back in 1992. I had just been to the Leeds Quest International UFO conference where a lecture by a well know famous orchid smuggler and controversial UFO researcher – Armen Victorian had made my mouth water with tales of people seeing across space and time.

At the conference a taped telephone conversation was played between a secret source in the U.S and Armen. This secret source, whom I now know to be the famous Coast to Coast resident doom monger - Dr Doom (Ed Dames) at the time blew my mind.

The conversation discussed psychics being used for spying, and of abilities that to me at the time seemed like they had walked right out of an X-Men comic into reality. Tales of men in secret locations looking into the greatest mysteries that have teased man for thousands of years, UFOS, aliens, the lost Ark of the Covenant, treasure, missing people all mixed in with just a hint of espionage.

Well I was hooked and for me began the long trek over the next five years of pre-internet searches of hunting down any and all the information I could scavenge on this subject.

In 1996 I caught the crest of a wave which was to be the World Wide Web as I ventured online into the brave new world. And what a world this was, before me lay treasure trove of computer bulletin boards full of tantalising information on the remote viewers and the NOT so secret anymore program being bounded around under its collective name of Stargate.

In 1997 I managed to find and join a small collected group online discussing the subjects of remote viewing and landed slap bang I the middle the actual C.I.A sponsored psychic spies themselves, named people like; Lyn Buchanan, Paul Smith, Gene, Liam and others. Day by day over the next year questions, theories and remote viewing practices were being handed around to our eager and hungry mouths as the Military viewers enthralled us with psychic spying war stories and tales of never ending possibilities.

On one of these boards I struck up a conversation with one person as was promptly invited to take a course in CRV training in London. Which I did. On meeting my teacher and looking him up and down he was every bit the ‘Ex special forces’ type of physical presence I had expected. Tall, thickset, muscular, with a calm but confident presence. I still fondly remember the many conversations on RV theory way into the early morning hours over Italian food and Chinese takeaways.

So this is where I started with CRV – but this is where it started – the actual learning process took place over the next nine years. Looking back to my early conversations with the man then named Liam (Billy Ray) and the nuggets of information he so kindly shared with me one leaps out amongst all the others;

Practice, practice, practice….

It’s only now I really know the power of those three words.


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