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Monday, June 19, 2006

a psychic come out of the closet

Today I read that an online friend reported in a blog that they felt I abused their openness and used some of their comments against them in an open discussion, and that because of this I felt they would be less receptive to share future experiences.

So to show them that I did not use their comments against them I’m going to expose some of myself to the world and discuss taboo subjects for anyone seeking to be taken seriously as a remote viewer.

This I hope will show 'said online friend' that it really doesn’t matter what others think – your experiences are your own, and are nothing to hide. And I certainly wouldn’t use them as a weapon.

So where to start…

  • I have seen dead people and on occasion have talked to them. They are kind of nice really and nothing to run away from; after all they usually want more from you than you do from them.
  • I have also seen and spoken to many aliens and other worldly life forms – yes you read right! Aliens, and other worldly life forms. The universe is teaming with life – its everywhere, meditate regularly, open yourself to the universe and you’ll see what I mean.
  • I have in the past met and talked to spiritual guides, they usually impart knowledge in such an arcane way – a little like feng shui for the mind. Most of the time I think they just like talking in riddles for the fun of it, and that later on hey meet up over a cup of spiritual coffee and have a laugh at us poor, dumb human beings.

Let’s see what else have I exposed myself to in the past, well there’s:

  • Telepathy experiments
  • Clairvoyance
  • Medium ship
  • Aura reading
  • Sand reading
  • Tea leaf reading
  • Tarot Cards
  • Automatic writing
  • Channelling
  • A couple of Exorcisms – well I helped !

And now – well I’m mainly stuck in the world of RV. A world where this stuff isn’t supposed to exist or crossover with. But in all truth it has been known to do so.

It’s a little like anal sex – it does happen but no one discusses it in public. And no! That’s not on my exposure list.

So there you go – that’s me out of the closet –I’m now out! I’ve been a closet psychic all these years and am now free!

Maybe this will start a trend !

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Joe M is on the mend...

For Joe - the best of the best - who is on the mend after serious surgery. get well soon dude!

Excellence in remote viewing like any other paranormal activity is a result of - 33% talent, 33% understanding the rules, and 33% practice. You need 25% or better in all three to call yourself a virtuoso as a remote viewer.

- Joe mcMoneagle

Friday, June 09, 2006

smoke, mirrors and future remote viewing

Just though I’d share some thoughts on the process of remote viewing, how AOL's form and why - and the processes in the mind involved in this and some thought on how to better use viewers in future projects.

Firstly Ingo Swann has already mentioned mirror neurones in an article on his site - as for six months now I have been reading up and studying these fascinating little 'genius' cells. I’m now convinced they hold part of the puzzle why RV works. For a great background on AOL's and why feedback is paramount to the learning process for the viewer you need to read this article by Ingo Swann.

Mirror neurons, AOL's and Remote Viewing

After reading Ingo’s fantastic article (here) and my recent thoughts on Mirror neurons I clearly now see how Analytical overlays form and more importantly why. When presented with data that doesn’t fit a memory template the mind grabs the next best thing in the absence of ‘stored mean memories’. This is where the problems start as the next best set of memories that fit probably has data that doesn’t fit the target 100%. Reading Ingo's article it also becomes clear why feedback is so important and also a thorough review of each session and its data, as the feedback is there to build these new memory templates when one is absent.

The processing of the actual target signal I feel is done in the areas of the brain that we now know that contain mirror neurons. When I first read of these magical cells had a feeling of inspiration as they seemed to be the key to what science and I had been looking for.

Mirror neurons take the information that is fed into the brain and they match it with stored experiences and memories this then allows the body to respond to the data - if you see someone hit their head, you wince as the mirror neurones fire a memory that you have of hitting your head - so you create an empathic moment - this is what I feel happens with remote viewing.

The ability to share the emotions and experiences of others appears to be intimately linked to how mirror neurons function. I feel its here that the AOL’s form when stored memories are absent, the mind grabs and presents the next best set of stored memories that fits the target. These memories are generally a close match but not an exact fit - just as AOL's appear to us when viewing!

Somehow and probably due to a holographic interaction of the universe (the debate is still open on this one) we are able to access any target, anywhere. This through the ages has been called many things more commonly termed psychic. When we calm our bodies and centre our intention I feel this allows us to quiet the noise just long enough to receive small bits of information from the target. These I feel are then analysed within the areas of mirror neurons for matches to memory templates the person has generated and stored over their years.

In a recent UCL study (December 2004 online edition of Cerebral Cortex), dancers from London's Royal Ballet and experts in capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts form, were asked to watch short videos of either ballet or capoeira dancers performing brief dance moves. While watching the videos, the dancers were lying perfectly still in an MRI scanner. The researchers found that areas of the brain collectively known as the "mirror neurone system" showed more activity when a dancer saw movements he had been trained to perform than when he observed movements he hadn't been trained to perform. (All the dancers in the study were male.) The mirror system in the non-dancers showed appreciably less activity while watching the videos than either of the dancers' mirror systems.

This seems clear to me and is the first proof that the things we have experienced and learned, affects the way our brain responds and that this is also true when we receive RV data.

When data is picked up in the signal from the target, such as - walking - we automatically simulate the action in our own brain". We recognise the action because you have in your brain a template for that action based on our own experience and memories.

It seems from the current research that mirror neurones are much, much more that the other nerve cells in the brain. Mirror neurons seem to be able to analyse data as it comes in and predict an outcome based of course on stored memory templates. I have myself felt this work in the real world.

I was trained in full contact Karate so when I see people fighting I feel myself anticipating the moves and my body twitch ready to make the next move in response to the visual stimuli. If I hadn’t been trained in Karate then I wouldn’t have the memory templates to do this. My memory templates predict an outcome based on what I’m seeing and tell my body to move.

Mirror neurons seem to analyze scenes and to read minds. If you see someone reach toward a bookshelf and his hand is out of sight, you have little doubt that he is going to pick up a book because your mirror neurons tell you so based on their acquired experience.

What this all seems to tell me is that yes the feedback process is absolute and paramount to the RV learning process, but I now feel that maybe for us to develop Remote viewing moving forward then remote viewers should have very serious experience and memory templates for the required targets.

For example it’s going to be very hard to use a remote viewer who knows nothing about dead bodies in possible missing person/dead targets. The smells, decay, and so forth in targets that involve dead/missing people as the memory templates just aren’t there in the viewer’s brain for them to be optimal. Hence if the memory template isn’t there then the next best template is grabbed at causing the noise to increase and AOL's to generate.

Of course I understand that we all hope RV will allow us to overcome some of the problems and dispel any analytical overlays, but in reality I feel the future would be best served with specifically aimed and trained people viewing targets that fit their mirror neuron memory templates to achieve the best results.

We know and have seen this in effect for years and I myself have seen that when given targets that I have actually been to and experienced - have memories of - then I generally nail the targets flat!

Anyway I just wanted to share some ideas and yes feedback will help build new memory templates - but pictorial or insufficient feedback probably wont and will over time probably not really help in the RV learning process as the feedback would be better served if sensory and substantive.

What would be best for RV to generate the best results is to learn and know as much as possible and every target to feedback in as much detail as possible to increase the memory template - just as Ingo observed in the excellent article with Hella Hammid in the 70's and the teapot/ nuclear station. Once she learned thru having sufficient feedback - the memory template was stored.

anyway as I said, just some thoughts.