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Monday, July 24, 2006

Educational remote viewing

Sessions gone bad!
Ok so we’ve mentioned here and you’ve probably read online that to become a zen jedi knight of the supreme order of remote viewers takes a lot of practice. Practice being practice you only really learn from your mistakes and learning to be a competent remote viewer certainly gives you those!

So me and PJ from TKR were discussing a few months back ways of helping tech newbies some of the intricacies of RV and what can go wrong. To do this we not only have to show actual RV sessions online and in full public glare but to do this right – they also have to be sessions whereby the viewer was OFF target. Believe me getting remote viewers to share is hard – to share their bad sessions, well you get the picture.

So enclosed here are two
.edu sessions that were prepared for PJ, but she hasn’t posted online yet - but she’s one busy chick creating all sorts of RV tools for the RV challenged. So I thought I would make use of them an post them online while we wait ;)

Each session has been viewed by me – daz and I have annotated the sessions showing I hope the progression and the point where he sessions take a wrong track which elaborates and builds on the raw ‘real’ data with imagination. I hope that you will also get something from these sessions and they may help you recognise patterns in your psychic data that occur during remote viewing.

Session1 – edu1.pdf – click here to download

Session2 – edu2.pdf – click here to download


Saturday, July 15, 2006

future remote viewing...

On Pj's TKR we have recently been hotly debating rving future events and the possible noise problems that degrade accuracy of the future data. I guess with these thoughts on my mind just after finishing one future outcome target this week I thought I would try an off the cuff session as I was still in the mood.

I quickly self tasked myself with:

next major catastrophe of over 100 dead

Now you would think I would have learnt by now and tasked myself allot better, tighter but as I say it was off the cuff.

Anyway I created a session about a hot middle east town being impacted causing buildings to collapse and people to be crushed - even AOL'd Afghanistan - within a day or so we get the news that the UK led by the us drops three 500lb bombs on an Afghan town killing up to 200 people - mostly civilians.

Now yes I guess anyone could just do a session for this area of the world at any point and get carnage so it’s not going to prove that RV works and ‘ohhh what great tool it is’. But it does go someway towards my TKR argument that future based RV targeting doesn’t have to be tainted by excessive noise – if you don’t believe and allow noise into the equasion. Of course we need a hell of a lot of sessions to prove a case in either direction. But at least you can see that predictive Rv does and can work.

The Remote viewing session and feedback can be downloaded here (right click and save as) or viewed by just clicking on it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

wannabe a remote viewer

Remote viewing isnt a hobby or part time vocation.
Being a remote viewer is dedicating a huge part of your life to practice and to change. A huge part - if you are only part time - you are not a remote viewer youre a wannabe.

daz ;)

Remote Viewing at war with itself...

And there was war in heaven… Rev. 12:7

Remote viewing the subject I love is at this current moment at war. With whom? I hear you cry! Why - With itself!

I’ve been researching and studying the subject of remote viewing now since 1992, when my deep life long interest in all things UFOlogy waned at the years of egos, back biting, threats, bad treatment and just total lack of cohesion as a subject took its toll on me and I retreated from its world. Now I watch and study this subject but hidden behind the anonymous black face of my neon screen, hidden from the many so called experts in the field who always turn out to be armchair enthusiasts with nothing but a fleeting knowledge of the field an extremely big ego with a whole bag of opinions but no actual experience.

Yet here I am again seeing another field of interest that I see huge potential for, a subject close to my heart, at war with itself with no end in sight. Don’t get me wrong it’s a subtle war with small skirmishes here and there no real side taking overt Hitler style invasion movements against the other.

See this war – my war in heaven is a subtle war between two opposing views of what RV is. One the methods viewpoint is a strict, you need to use a solid methodology to view, it must be recorded stage by stage a little at a time and everything done by the book and in the right place. The opposing viewpoint in this battle is the open approach – do it any way you want, record it how you want, anything is viewing if you follow a few rules.

I’m a member of many online groups under differing names. From here, I can follow the discussions and discoveries as they happen. This covers HRVG, TRV, CRV, classical Psychics, and mixed method places like TKR. Watching these groups over the years has just shown how fractured RV is and that throughout the field on both sides of the war and in all method disciplines there are a vast number of armchair viewers who always have an opinion, but seldom have a knowledge of the subject to back this up.

By far the most happening thing within Rv right now is the continual fracture of Rv into the two camps – a trained method (probably a derivative of CRV), and a very loose anything psychic can be Rv approach. Over the last six months I have witnessed this fracture grow and expand even further as the online groups grow more into their little directions but hardly ever mix. TRV have their places, where 'loose approach' psychics fear to tread, CRV people stick very close to Lyn and Paul. HRVG, well they are an island – well on one anyway. The 'loose Rv' approach has quickly grown and expanded mainly at TKR. There is no mixing between these groups. A CRVer on TKR finds it a lonely place and a more natural approach in a TRV zone or CRV communities – LOL don’t even go there - they don't or can't.

So here me flitting from one place to another watching RV, watching attitudes. Seeing the rifts develop and push. But the problem is I see it dying, just like I saw Ufology fracture into millions of small pieces by mans ego and intolerance to work together to create unified accredited places of learning, training, development and expansion. I hope I’m wrong I really do – but in the fourteen plus years so far nothing much has changed and the rift like the cracks in the artic ice just keep getting bigger.

shame really as it had so much potential :(

Monday, July 03, 2006

Being psychic more than just a gut feeling…

Everyone out here on this zoo we call earth, I don’t care who you are and now sceptical you may be have at one point in your life had a gut feeling about something. An aching or dull sensation in the mid region of your chest – a slight tingling wrench that makes he hair on the back of your neck reach up and shout ‘wait a second – something’s not right’.

You know what I’m talking about – right?

Well on the back of the medical profession finding that there are cells called mirror neurons in the brain that can read minds and empathise they have also found that the heart also contains a large bank of neurons and a complex extension of the main nervous system. In essence a brain! What they call this is the little brain in the heart’.

The heart communicates with the brain and the rest of the body in three ways documented by solid scientific evidence: neurologically (through transmissions of nerve impulses), biochemically (through hormones and neurotransmitters), and biophysically (through pressure waves). In addition, growing scientific evidence suggests that the heart may communicate with the brain and body in a fourth way – energetically (through electromagnetic field interactions). Through these biological communication systems, the heart has a significant influence on the function of our brains and all our Systems.

This new scientific evidence shows that the heart uses these methods to send our brain extensive emotional and intuitive signals. Along with this understanding that the heart is in constant communication with the brain, scientists are discovering that our hearts may actually be the "intelligent force" behind the intuitive thoughts and feelings we all experience.

The way I see it is that the heart may actually be the signal device radiating our consciousness and helping bring the received data back to the entire body which is just one big looped antenna. Every part of the human body acts together in a perfect synthesis towards sending and receiving data – the heart, the brain even the little hairs that stand-up on the back of your neck are little antennas – thousands on them.

So lets go for some heart facts;

  • The heart generates the strongest rhythmic electromagnetic field generated in the body. Measured with modern magnetic field meters, the heart's electromagnetic field is approximately five thousand times greater in strength than the field produced by the brain. The heart's field permeates every cell in the body and radiates up to eight feet outside the body, but theoretically it travels even further, although its field strength is too low to measure.
  • The heart has been regarded as a conduit for wisdom beyond our normal awareness by virtually all human cultures, ancient and modern. HeartMath believes the greatest significance of this study lies in the finding that the heart is directly involved in the processing of intuitive information.

So there you have it medical science is now gradually coming around to proving with science what we as intuitive humans have know since he dawn of time – that man is NOT stuck in his body, and that consciousness do not just exist ONLY in the brain. Man is a unique life form with the inbuilt mechanical engine to allow us to extend anywhere in time and space – there are no boundaries – other than those that the sceptics and science place before us. As they slowly open their eyes hopefully we will see less of the ‘psychics burned at the stake’ social stigma and allow the people really in touch with the universe to guide the way.