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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Remote Viewing at war with itself...

And there was war in heaven… Rev. 12:7

Remote viewing the subject I love is at this current moment at war. With whom? I hear you cry! Why - With itself!

I’ve been researching and studying the subject of remote viewing now since 1992, when my deep life long interest in all things UFOlogy waned at the years of egos, back biting, threats, bad treatment and just total lack of cohesion as a subject took its toll on me and I retreated from its world. Now I watch and study this subject but hidden behind the anonymous black face of my neon screen, hidden from the many so called experts in the field who always turn out to be armchair enthusiasts with nothing but a fleeting knowledge of the field an extremely big ego with a whole bag of opinions but no actual experience.

Yet here I am again seeing another field of interest that I see huge potential for, a subject close to my heart, at war with itself with no end in sight. Don’t get me wrong it’s a subtle war with small skirmishes here and there no real side taking overt Hitler style invasion movements against the other.

See this war – my war in heaven is a subtle war between two opposing views of what RV is. One the methods viewpoint is a strict, you need to use a solid methodology to view, it must be recorded stage by stage a little at a time and everything done by the book and in the right place. The opposing viewpoint in this battle is the open approach – do it any way you want, record it how you want, anything is viewing if you follow a few rules.

I’m a member of many online groups under differing names. From here, I can follow the discussions and discoveries as they happen. This covers HRVG, TRV, CRV, classical Psychics, and mixed method places like TKR. Watching these groups over the years has just shown how fractured RV is and that throughout the field on both sides of the war and in all method disciplines there are a vast number of armchair viewers who always have an opinion, but seldom have a knowledge of the subject to back this up.

By far the most happening thing within Rv right now is the continual fracture of Rv into the two camps – a trained method (probably a derivative of CRV), and a very loose anything psychic can be Rv approach. Over the last six months I have witnessed this fracture grow and expand even further as the online groups grow more into their little directions but hardly ever mix. TRV have their places, where 'loose approach' psychics fear to tread, CRV people stick very close to Lyn and Paul. HRVG, well they are an island – well on one anyway. The 'loose Rv' approach has quickly grown and expanded mainly at TKR. There is no mixing between these groups. A CRVer on TKR finds it a lonely place and a more natural approach in a TRV zone or CRV communities – LOL don’t even go there - they don't or can't.

So here me flitting from one place to another watching RV, watching attitudes. Seeing the rifts develop and push. But the problem is I see it dying, just like I saw Ufology fracture into millions of small pieces by mans ego and intolerance to work together to create unified accredited places of learning, training, development and expansion. I hope I’m wrong I really do – but in the fourteen plus years so far nothing much has changed and the rift like the cracks in the artic ice just keep getting bigger.

shame really as it had so much potential :(


  • Dear Daz,
    You are right on. What if the RV unit wasn't about gathering intelligence but was funded and analyzed to study psychic functioning? If I remember right, after the first viewing session, which I think was done by Mel Riley, the newbies in the STARGATE unit had to sign all sorts of "hold harmless" papers as I think they were like human guinea pigs. I think they were studied for other purposes. If you read Ingo's site, you'll find that Puthoff studied his "signal to noise ratio." What would anyone want with information like that?

    By Blogger Sandy Frost, at 6:15 PM  

  • Now ya see, I perceive this as almost the opposite. Ten years ago there were about 5 "camps" and they were ruthless and totally exclusionary. It was hell even trying to get people not to flip out because someone of a different method was on the same email list!

    Today there are about 10 of those camps... at least half of those, though they are still exclusionary, do have many 'cross trained' people, and are not so mean anymore. ;-) (And half... still are. heh.)

    As for TKR, it was formed to include everybody, and it does. There is lots of threads were people talk about various RV methods and their stage 4 details and so forth, and the founding of it if anything was far heavier on the methods side. I think sometimes method folks don't notice that 'cause it's a given, but they really "notice" threads that don't jibe with them, just like the psychics really "notice" threads that are about a method that they don't get into. Funnily both parties often feel excluded. But the forum has people of all kinds. Who is actively posting at any given time varies a little is all.

    It has more "active" participants who are former methods (CRV-type) people now more flex-method if any, but that is in part because there's no other place for all the people who don't belong to one of those camps (method + trainer). So it's logical that since TKR is the only place that accepts them, they're going to be seen there.

    I know you recently had a debate on the forum in which, what, I think 3 or 4 people espoused the idea that they didn't like the formal methods. Out of 3000 readers and ~1000 members that is hardly a majority to make you feel unwanted, especially since there were also several method people sharing your perspective even on that thread! And 2 of those debating you aren't even very regular participants, they just dropped in to be obnoxious lol.

    I respect your perception, it's yours and we all have our own, and I can't argue with how you feel. But I see more integration and acceptance and shared info in the RV field than there has ever been in its 11 years of public history. Maybe it is not perfect now but look how it started, it has certainly improved in many respects.

    In the end, all that matters is viewing. I think as long as the people who are serious about viewing, no matter what their views and methods and politics, just keep viewing, that eventually... all roads might lead home.


    By Blogger PJ, at 6:53 PM  

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