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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Where have all the Viewers Gone?

Where are all the Viewers gone?

Ok so you know from my mumblings on this post that I’ve been around a while now (see second post for detail). Over this time I have always lurked and participated on most of the online remote viewing communities. First there was VWR, then Stargate, TKR, HRVG, Grill flame, and once in a while although I got quickly bored IRVA.

One thing I have noticed and this is that there are now quite a few teachers of methods based RV, these include Paul Smith, Angela T Smith, Lyn Buchanan, Ed Dames, Danes Spotts/Joanie, Pru Calabrese, Glenn Wheaton, and some others.
Over the last five years, even though teaching has actually gone on longer there must have been thousands of students created by these schools and yet in this vast online oasis I only really see a handful of people communicating. So I have to ask where have all the viewers gone? Is it a case of another ‘Pat Price’ style rumour and vast teams of psychic have been whisked away to secret Government labs and are right now – strapped to tables in rows – forced to RV the eating habits of Osama Bin Laden. LOL I doubt it. So where are they? Why does it still feel like a lonely pursuit? Yes I can go to TKR and leave a few comments to help the newbie’s that fall upon the site in their eagerness to stay on the RV path to righteousness, but overall I don’t see a great swathe of surging psychics using their skill like reborn X-men. Or are remote viewers actually closet psychics? Were the witch hunts of the past so effective in not only eliminating vast lines of strong genetic psychic talent from the human DNA pool, but also still effective today as the consequences ripple through time and affect the human subconscious, making anything psychic instantly an underground skill, one to be used in dark corners of closed door places, hidden and secret.

Personally I think its time the psychics ‘came out’ – hell! If gay people could do it and become accepted and also a strong force in general society then maybe its time we had a ‘purple movement’. Psychics, banding together to make themselves acceptable. We could wear purple ribbons to demonstrate our commitment, and you could see great swathes of psychics protesting in the streets, wanting equal rights as human beings – of course the demo wouldn’t get very far – most people would end up at the side of the road doing readings. Its time to come out of the closet – I mean what would they do – hang you, drown you, burn you at the stake, lock you up-fill you with drugs and make you find terrorist?

Or maybe, just maybe we would become more accepted.


  • A few years ago I actually dug up the various numbers claimed by various trainers. I wish I still had the list. Some I really was leery about but then again, when I hear of people doing 3-8 day seminars of 30-60 people, and we consider this has been going on for 8-10 years depending on the person, maybe it's not as improbable as it sounds.

    Anyway, the numbers provided by people claiming to be intell-trained, + their nearest minions (that would be Morehouse, Dames and his followon Dourif, Buchanan including Lambert, Smith including Massey, O'Donnell and his massive internet sales empire, and Wheaton) amounted to something like nearly 100,000 people. That doesn't even count Courtney Brown who had a mega-chunk, or Prudence Calabrese who covered several, nor does it count others who have offered training who were students of those folks (like FM Bonsall, ADonahue, etc.). I think a more realistic number is probably half of that.

    But even at 50,000 people, wouldn't you think there'd be more folks online with "evident experience" (I don't even dare ask for demonstrable skill!) than there are? I can think of a dozen 'around' and a dozen 'lurking' and let's be generous and say there are 'a few dozen hidden' in cliques here and there. Still!

    Research had said about 1/2 of 1% of the population had the innate talent to be a 'world class' level viewer. You'd think that'd still leave at least 50% of the population to be various degrees of decent, of course. But even 1/2 of 1%, even at half what the trainers claim, would be about 250 people (or 20 dozen).

    So what do you think is going wrong? Are we seeing the predictable effects of training environments that amount to cult indoctrination here? Are we observing that nearly anybody going through a certain sequence will encounter cognitive dissonance, the surest destructor of any pursuit? Is it that that methods either themselves are not working for people, or that the way they are taught or utilized isn't? Is it that the long-term of the learning curve is demoralizing?

    It's enough to make a scoffer think they told ya so LOL!

    By Blogger PJ, at 9:28 PM  

  • Great comments.
    I just dont know. In reality I feel that for people to get really good with ana accuracy of over 50% - I feel it takes years. Its taken me years to be comfortable with rv and to really know how it works - and I know I havent even scratched the surface yet. So I probably beleive that 99.5% of these 50,000 tried it, got some good results, but just havent stuck with i long enoughh to be 'real good'.

    Thats not me saying that I am real good and blowing my own trumpet. But I do feel I have proved myself, I have predicted and won in public using RV (superbowl, american idol), posted tons of sessions showing results and methodology. All this took me years and thousands of training session to do. SO yes I feel that most get to an elevated first time effect kind of level but never really push this skill to the limits - if there are any.

    But if im worng on this - then there are alot of really good remote viewers hiding away in secret little groups rving hte hell ou of area 51.

    LOL - but I just dont see it - hey maybe everyones just shy!

    all the best...


    By Blogger Daz, at 11:42 AM  

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