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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Am I remote viewing or writing a novel.

Anyone interested in the terminology and definition of remote viewing and what constitutes remote viewing just has to point their eyes to one of the best and informative threads on this subject on PJ’s TKR website.

PJ as always so eloquently details the defining parameters that determines if the process is remote viewing and why each of these is needed – take any away and you could be left holding a work of fiction akin to the Davinci Code – which might not be too bad if you could publish it and make yourself a couple of hundred million like Dan Brown J

As a guide the parameters needed for it to fully be termed Remote viewing are:

  1. A remote target (anything, anywhere)
  2. Deliberate and focused phsychic functioning (you doing your stuff)
  3. Blind/double-blind targeting (the actual target hidden from you)
  4. The psychic data is recorded (paper/pen, audio, typed, others)
  5. FEEDBACK (The kicker – if you don’t have it how do you know you achieved psi functioning?)

Of course this is the real world and every active viewer has been tasked at least one target whereby there isn’t full feedback. Does this mean it wasn’t or can’t be Remote Viewing – well officially yes! After all the feedback determines if you actually used PSI – or your imagination. But without feedback you could say it was WRV.

What’s WRV you ask?

Waiting Remote Viewing – waiting for feedback to prove if the recorded data is PSI/imagination – then like a miraculous butterfly from pupae it transforms into actual Remote viewing or a moth if you had a particuarly bad

Anyway anyone interested should check out the thread – it’s been the most educational in a while – oh and I started it of course (troublemaker).


  • You ARE a troublemaker, lol. I like the idea of assigning a specific term to the 'wait' process -- as if "WRV" would clearly describe, to anybody, "Something which would be remote viewing if only we weren't still waiting for feedback."

    Half of communicating simply about things is having words for them. The lack of proper words in psi as a subject across the board, as well as the fact that so many terms have to do overtime and incorporate a variety of meanings or a spectrum of something, really complicates stuff.

    But I think every RV acronym has already been taken; Western Remote Viewing Institute (Wayne Carr) has I believe snagged that one; he also invented all kinds of new acronym-RV's based not on method but on target type. (So there's medical RV (mrv) and so on; by that measure, I think we could coin bridge RV (brv), lol.)

    I use 'viewing' as 'slang' so I don't really worry about the formal RV term, but then since 'viewing' for me IS doubleblind as a given, and at least 95% of the time has feedback on basics, maybe that's easier.

    WRV could also stand for wanna-be RV... wishing-RV... :-)

    By Blogger PJ, at 1:32 PM  

  • lol!

    By Blogger Daz, at 11:28 PM  

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