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Saturday, April 22, 2006

If you’re a psychic then why aren’t you rich?

You’ve all heard this before – right? Well I’m back on the trail to find my fortune and yes! I’m using RV. If you know anything about RV we’ve always been told that numbers and words are the Holy Grail – the tried but unachievable part of remote viewing – Well anyone who knows me knows I like to break the rules and dont like being told NO :)

So today started a new set of trials for me on this. My approach is simple and it’s to try to win the lottery.

For this I need to remote view six numbers from a possible pool of forty nine. My method is to use myself as the target a few hours into the future when I record and analyse the feedback. My approach at this stage is to play with the hardest to learn but for me the sweetest part or CRV methods the ideogram. For this first trial I created a page of ideograms cued to represent a single number from the winning six numbers I would later write as feedback.

How did I do…LOL… well I didn’t win but yet again have churned up some interesting results. I matched two numbers but changed my mind on two numbers at the last minute – and if I hadn’t I would have had these as well, but alas I move one number away on each of these.
Therefore I dropped form getting four right to only two.

The good news is that I can clearly identify 30’s and 40’s numbers in ideogram form. The ideogram does seem to be trying to adapt and create a new language within me to communicate the information. I was close on some of the other numbers and it feels like just a case of miss interpretation for now.

Anyway I will keep this blog informed but I feel rally confident a process for rving numbers can be found – but like all the other processes for successful RV it has to be learnt.


  • I think it's a good idea.

    You can explore this "fundamental" in other ways with potentially more singular targeting, more specific tasking and more rapid feedback.

    For example, you can create "mental tools" to tell you whether a feedback photo is color vs. black and white, or anything else about feedback. You can use Tarot to get what I call "virtual dowsing" feel for what suit something is, if playing cards are too similar or boring. You can view what page# you get on the right when you (or someone you ask to do this for you) open a book at random.

    So what I'm saying is, there are ways that you can set up an experimental self-training protocol just to test mental tools, internal dowsing, ideograms, and even numbers, that happen more often than lottery, have one number not six, immediate feedback, and don't cost you money to learn from. ;-)

    By Blogger PJ, at 6:14 PM  

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