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Friday, April 21, 2006

Before 'Stargate' there was 'dogflap'...

This newly released document reveals S.R.I and the U.S military's first psychic Remote Viewing training program, a precursor to the Stargate RV program we all know and love. This first program contained nine willing participants, who were tested for ESP remote sensing capabilities.. the catch....

The first military remote viewers were dogs..

Army Report on ESP in Animals In the 1950s, Duke University's Parapsychology Laboratory investigated using dogs to psychically detect landmines for the Army, and they looked for ESP in cats and pigeons Prepared by J.H. Rhine, Director, The Parapsychology Laboratory, Duke University. For the Commanding Officer, Engineer Research and Development Laboratories, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. 10 July 1953.

The final report for one such contract with Duke University, dated 10 July 1953, remained classified as Confidential for more than 50 years, until it was recently declassified after a long, laborious process. It took ten separate offices five years to clear this short report for release.

The narrative report describes a series of experiments involving German shepherds trying to locate buried landmines. The results appeared promising but also suggested that at least some of the positive results were attributable to the dogs' remarkable sense of smell. The report also examines the possibility of ESP in cats and pigeons.

Rhine was the first to attempt a scientific investigation of paranormal phenomena of this type, and many of his experimental results have been attacked as being the result of a general lack of stringent experimental controls and the possible falsification of records by his laboratory assistants.

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