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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Displacement in remote viewing

For the last few months I have been pondering this important problem that has affected all remote viewers trialling ARV techniques. ARV (Associative Remote Viewing) is a process to supposedly make the remote viewing process easier when used for predictive targets. An associative image is chosen for a ‘yes’ conclusion and a different image is chosen for a ‘no’ conclusion. The viewer then completes a target with a cue like;

‘will the silvers market go up or down tomorrow’.

They then try to view what feedback will be shown to them – whatever target it matches is the best choice of an outcome. The problem is that the viewer seems to pickup and report data from any of the other photo choices in the experiment as well as or instead of the actual target data – but why?

My thoughts on this have now distilled into the thoughts that the very structure that allows RV to be possible is also responsible for the problems of displacement.

How does remote viewing occur?

No-one really know how psi and remote viewing works but new advances in quantum physics, the holographic theory and others are building a picture that does have a very real place for psychic phenomena in our universe.

These new theories build our universe as being vast connected worlds of vibrating moving waves of matter that exists in the spaces between what we think is space. In essence there is no actual space just a huge universe of moving colliding waves – some we see as solid objects the others we don’t.

Within this universe which could be the Akashic records that philosophy has discussed for centuries reside the smallest parts of the universe that whiz around at great speed, sometimes here, sometimes far away, even in time and space, some particles have even been recorded in two places at the same time as they flit in and out of dimensions. It’s also been noted that two particles if separated by any amount of distance can communicate and respond to each others actions and also do so instantaneously.

A great guide to how this information transfer works I feel has been shown in past experiments like that of homeopathy whereby water that once had contact with an element still retains the information for that element even though no parts of the actual original element remain. Bulked at by modern doctors I feel doctors of the future fully understanding how the universe is all connected with quantum mechanics will laugh at the detractors and not great men like Jacques Benveniste who have been wronged with their homeopathic research.

As we are part of this formed universe I feel the remote viewing process and the fact that we can access information about anything, anywhere in time and space are just larger expansions of what we see happening at the quantum level and in the homeopathic experiments. In the wise words that have been passed down over the millennia years ‘As above, so below’.

If the smallest parts of our universe (sub atomic particles) can move anywhere in time and space and communicate information, And as we are made of and interwoven with these particles in this universe - it’s only right that we too can access these faculties

Consciousness creates order.

The one key component that allows psychic functioning to work and is also both the key to Remote viewing and the problem of ARV displacement is consciousness or intent. In the quantum world an observer crashes the pattern of randomness and collapses all the random quantum states into one. This is known as the observer effect. What is found is that matter exists in ALL possible states until observed by us – by settling our conscious thoughts on them they settle down into a ‘real’ state. In essence our conscious thoughts and intent create and affect the entire world around us.

How does this affect ARV you ask?

Well I think it’s the same intent during the ARV setup process for the viewer to get data in relation to feedback associations that creates displacement. If as we suspect consciousness and intent creates order in the quantum universe then the process of more than one chosen possible feedback target can’t work. For the process of choosing them and including them in the ARV process collapses and links them.

For example;

We have a tasker who wants to know the six winning lottery numbers. They assign photo feedback targets to each of the 47 lottery numbers, hoping the viewer will report the right six for the six winning numbers. At this point where a conscious decision or intent has linked ALL the images they have created waves or rippling routes of communication at a quantum level. Now the full intent of the tasker maybe for ONLY the six winning numbers, but the problem is that just by assigning feedback to ALL the numbers they have been collapsed out of the field of possibilities and communication lines connected between them all.

This I feel is the main problem with displacement. Essentially the viewer, albeit unbeknown is following the intent of the tasker. Then when the target is consciously constructed. The act of multiple feedback linking only creates multiple communication pathways that the viewer may wander down. This may also be why displacement results are generally more of a mixture of more than one data set rather than definite misses (although both do occur). Now the targetter bviously doesnt mean for all these targets to be connceted they just are as part of the way the universe works.


  • A nice article daz. I'll be back another day to read the rest, but I wanted to comment on this bit: "An associative image is chosen for a ‘yes’ conclusion and a different image is chosen for a ‘no’ conclusion. The viewer then completes a target with a cue like; ‘will the silvers market go up or down tomorrow’."

    If someone taught you ARV like that, that is incorrect. The target AND the cue are "the feedback you will be given for this session on [usually, time and date, or place]". That is it. The viewer is ONLY viewing their FEEDBACK. The viewer is not, technically, doing anything even related to the silver market!

    It is the tasker, PM or whatever, that assigns feedback-materials to the various potential outcomes, and then once the event takes place, specifies which is hence the proper feedback for the viewers.

    The degradation of the original ARV protocol may be one reason it seems to have so many issues today. But as I see in your more current blog post, you're doing pretty well with the precog! Go daz.

    I am on haitus from everything RV right now while I sulk about how I detest most the online field, but I couldn't resist a sneak peek at yer blog. ;-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:16 PM  

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