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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Remote viewing in 2007

Well I’m officially back to RV. Two months have passed and I’m now fully recharged and have my first three ‘back to work’ sessions behind me and they seem to be good so far. As soon as I get the OK from one of the taskers I will post the most recent here – I think you’ll agree it’s a hit and worth a round of martini’s at the psi bar.

It’s great to get back into ‘the zone’. Any of you who remote view or do psychic work on a regular basis will know what I mean. The feeling is amazing, there’s nothing like it – it’s like growing wings, spreading them and launching into the blue.

Anyway its now 2007 and I have been remote viewing now for eleven years this year. In this time I’ve seen remote viewing grow and spread its wings, but in many respects it still looks like a caged bird to me. Yes we have easier to access resources but in reality if I ask the hard questions most people don’t actually like to ask – nothing much has changed. We still have individual pocket sized groups of remote viewers eagerly following the teaching of their beloved Zen masters. Or if this approach isn’t possible you’ll find many more camped around the TKR campfire huddled together for heat and comfort. But with general research or advancement of the subject itself, nothing has changed. We still all war and bicker over methodologies and past history, we only really get along with friendly nods and graces, but like the distant relative, we poke our noses and bicker as the backs turn.

Many people who try to learn do so in such an ad hoc manner that it’s a case of one step forward and three backwards as methods, concepts and clear lessons recorded over the history of rv are ignored with a ‘just do it’ approach. Don’t get me wrong I want and would like to see more people try remote viewing, I also applaud anyone who gets out of the armchair and who puts their talent where there mouth is, but at the same time I also see so many foregoing crucial and time tested methods, concepts and knowledge in their ‘fast food’ approach to learning RV. It’s not all the fault of our ‘fast service’ society its also still after eleven years still some what partly the blame of those who hold the keys to RV training. Yes training is possible now, but it’s still very limited, and for most people, too expensive. I still have to ask – why has no-one other than Joe McMoneagle published a real book on the how to’s of RV (Remote Viewing Secrets). Yes we have copies of a few free manuals that have crept out of the woodwork – but nothing substantial and if you really want to read anything to help with the manuals then so far its been left up to the odd student like myself and others (Greywolf) to help as best we could. Why is this? Why can’t rv break free of its binding chains of the past?

So, back to 2007 – I’m hoping but not banking on it that RV will step up to the plate this year. I’m hoping that a few viewers can get organised and motivated and really start to pull something together, something that will both help the subject of RV move forward and that will also use this skill as it should be used – and help some people!

Any takers?


  • >> why has no-one other than Joe
    >> McMoneagle published a real book
    >> on the how to’s of RV (Remote
    >> Viewing Secrets).

    Well, not in the USA. ;-)
    But in Germany are three learning books out which are complete from Stage 1 to Stage 6 (in german of course).

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:25 AM  

  • What about Stephan Schwartz's DVD course, The Gold Standard Course? His new book Opening to the Infinite is also an RV how-to book.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:06 PM  

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