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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Surfing the psychic internet

Well after along time in writing and nearly ten years of psychic travel I have recorded some of the psychic experiences and how to's in a book.
It's not a book about remote viewing but a book about remote travelling whereby myself as part of a small home circle group, travel through psychicially created portals into other dimensions, time and space, and the experiences we have with some of the many different forms of life.
Within these travels we meet spiritual angels, aliens, and a vast range of spiritually evolved beings who impart great knowledge about how the universe works and mans part in the mechanism.
The circle group has been exploring these realms for over ten years now, and like remote viewing all explorations and communications are recorded on paper. The group, usually no more than four are all dedicated and experienced psychics, but even this couldn't prepare us for the encounters with the darker side of the universe. Dark shouded creatures that stalk the psychic, watching and waiting for a time to act.

The book has great insights and includes all you need to know technique wise to psychicially travel these dimesnions for yourself.

View details of surfing the psychic internet book

All the best... Daz


  • I can't wait to read it daz!!

    I'm still in Colorado so haven't seen it yet but I will report when I do!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:26 PM  

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