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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The report that started the American psychic spying program.

Whilst searching the Net I just found a released FOIA document that I havent seen before that may just be the starting point of the American remote viewing effort now generally grouped and classed as Stargate. I haven't seen this document in the Stargate FOIA archives and I have in the past read about why the Americans started a Psispy effort - this document seems to actually be the reason why.

Date: 1973

Owner: Rand Corporation

Author: P.T. Van Dyke & M.L Juncosa


The purpose of the 33 page document was to determine whether paranormal phenomena existed, how the Russians were investigating it and how this tallied with American efforts.

There is a section which is a little disturbing - i will leave you to find out why, its titled 'Possible Military Applications'.

The final reports conclusions include the point that was I feel the one that kick started the SRI effort and the American Remote viewing program.
IF paranormal phenomena do exist, the thrust of soviet research appears more likely to lead to explanation, control and application than is U.S. research.

The full
RAND REPORT can be downloaded from here - and comes from the source files of Sergeant Cliffford Stone.



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