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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Remote viewing the real world and real problems

Remote Viewing has been at the forefront of my mind and my life for eleven years now. Ten of these I have spent in learning the craft and slowly but surely moving up through imaginary grades like a martial artist to a level where I am totally confident and comfortable with the internal process – it’s become a natural part of me and like a martial art it’s become a natural reactionary process.

I spend a lot of my time and life involved in various remote viewing activities, from investigating the minute details of the CIA/DIA/ARMY’s military program using remote viewing more commonly known by its final name of STARGATE, to many other RV related activities including email discussion groups, my personal training and more commonly over the past couple of years real world or operational remote viewing projects.

Still after all this time every remote viewing session has something new to teach me as the complexities of the process and the routes of communication through my body to me and built and re-routed. I cannot in words describe the internal feelings one gets when feedback is given and side by side you can match data that came out of nowhere and that jumped out of the pen onto the paper in excited patterns of sketches and word clusters.

The pure joy of rereading my RV session and clearly seeing what was trying to be communicated and how the system that does this is intelligent enough to know when something is or isn’t working and how it reorganised itself and tries new ways to form lines of communication, if only you could see my face, like a madman clutching a handful of papers I sit there smiling to myself, all the while the feedback is working its magic and the new communication pathways solidify in my mind with the positive reinforcement.

There is just no other form of psychic skill that offers what Remote viewing offers - which is a way to easily record, organise and explore your psychic impressions and also a tool to validate your psychic data.

Recently, within a small band of brothers, a small group of very organised and talented remote viewers who have banded together to form the start of an operational remote viewing group, we have started to compile ‘real world’ and operational targets. This moves us outside of the years of training and starts to confidently explore using Remote Viewing where it should and where it needs to be ‘the real world. Within this group we have started to compile an assortment of great remote viewing which will soon grace a portfolio of services, but more importantly we can confidently look into real events and situations knowing confidently our capabilities and skills.

On September 4th I received a BLIND target form a colleague by email. Blind means I don’t have any knowledge of the target or further contact with the tasker other than when I send them my Rv session/data. The information was 7222-8444. Now I say ‘I’ but in reality the ‘band of brothers’ all received the same target, but at this time I will only discuss my results but will say that all six of the viewers had very similar data and pretty much the same location and detail.

On disclosure days later the target turned out to be:

TARGET 7222 - 8444


Enclosed here is my Rv session for this target. I can’t say at this stage how valid any of this data is as remote viewing is Not the best tool for specifics using numbers and words so finding locations is hard unless s a tool like dowsing is employed or a lot more Rv work is done on the same target.

Also remember that Rv is NOT 100% accurate by any stretch of the imagination. Also remember that we were all BLIND to the target and yet we all had overlapping and data that showed a consistent theme that was correct in part for this target. Until we get full feedback we will not know how accurate we All were. Personally I dont think there is enough data in my session alone to show a location, in all the sessions combined - maybe!

If I get permission from ALL the viewers involved I will post the RV sessions here for you to decide for yourselves.

Enclosed here is a independent 'BLIND' analysis of ALL of our combined data into what the analyst thought the target was based on our 'combined' remote viewing data. Remember the analyst was also BLIND to the actual target.

All the best...



  • Thank you. Very insightful. I would venture to guess that the "monitored from afar" was his crew - not aliens or Governement.

    He was a True Adventurer who was on the leading edge. He used his intelligence, his money, his heart and his talent towards many Dreams of Flight!

    God Bless him and his.

    M Joe

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:47 AM  

  • Nothing happens by accident. Betrayal suggests coverup. Not likely to source the target.
    red is bulls eye

    By Blogger ericswan, at 11:54 AM  

  • Hello,

    I was wondering, have you tried "looking" for Madeleine McCann, the missing British girl that everyone (well, almost) has been talking about for the past four months?
    And if so, why not post it here?
    (I performed a quick search of the blog and found nothing on her - I apologise if I missed it.)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:10 AM  

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