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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Indonesian plane crash remote viewing sessions

Remote viewing locates plane - underwater.

On Jan 7th 2007 I as part of a closed team, I was blindly tasked with the target which is the title of the headline above. At the time the authorities involved were still mainly looking over land for the missing plane. Overall the group did really well on this target – with coherent and matching data throughout – three of the remote viewers describing a vehicle crash event.

The last paragraph of my session summary is as follows.

I would say the target involves intense erratic natural motion which affects a manmade structure/s and life. The motion comes in waves and builds to a point then slowly dissipates. The natural motion feels like water. The key part of the target indicate underneath so I feel there may have been an event whereby the structure or life went under the water due to a natural event that was a surprise event. This target happened in the past.

My very first impression from the moment I closed my eyes and tried to home-in on the target was of ‘flying over water’ which is clearly recorded in the first line of the session. I think you’ll see from the data and from the sketches that I was clearly on target and this is a good start to the year.

Daz summary and RV session are here in one .pdf file

Feedback and additional info in the next .pdf file

File 3 is an independent analyst evaluation of the six viewer sessions




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