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Sunday, February 04, 2007

New - 1985 CRV training manual/document - found in the Stargate FOIA archives

1985 CRV training manual/document - found in the Stargate FOIA archives.

Whilst part of the way through organising the entire archives into chronological order I found this doc which to me a CRV student is like a holy relic. This document is an earlier version than the curretn public domain manual, and is a record of Ingos famous six stage CRV methodology. What's differnt for me about this document is that it feels less military in its overall feeling and the addition of diagrams and an actual CRV session makes it an easier insight into how this ingenious PSI method works.

I feel this is a great document and a great insight into Ingo's thinking. Especially for those Newbies stuck on some of the key CRV elements like Ideograms - its a great find. The gem in the crown is near the back, a hypothetical set of stages past the stage 6 going from 7 to stage 11.
And boy some of the expanded stage ideas are mind blowing! (see below)

Analytics is the ability to make a yes/no decision without producing AOL. This also gives the viewer the ability to "recognize" numbers and letters. This is a further development of Stages IV and V. This has application in the recognition of addresses in search problems and code breaking. This stage is in the process of development by I.Swann. According to Mr. Swann this development is proceeding well.

This, too, is a concept of 1.Swann. This was originally beli'eved to be Stage VII until he realized analytics actually preceded it. Stage VIII will allow the viewer to produce phonetic/sonic sounds which, it is hypothesized, will allow the viewer to produce the name of persons, places, and things at the site. In my experience these signals, which I have produced, have at times been very accurate. An example of this is "Carribah", which was produced when tasked against Karriba Dam.

Stage IX is a follow-on to the Stage IV emotional impact (EI) column. The EI column is the place the viewer discusses the "feelings" of people at the site. If the viewer is "in-touch" with a distant persons feelings the next step would seem to be a more complete telepathic link. Stage IX would be broken into two phases:

PHASE I would be receiving telepathic signals from the site area. Again, this is very similar to Stage IV EI.

PHASE II would be transmitting telepathic signals to the site area. Once we understand telepathic signals well enough to receive them the next step would be to transmit them.

Stage X would be mind-over-matter, also known as psychokinesis (PK). We have very little understanding of PK, but we do know it exists. If Stage IX is telepathic signals which effect people, it is logical the next stage would be RA signals which effect "things".

Stage X would be divided into three phases:

PHASE I Would be affecting or interacting with "things" at the site.

PHASE II would be teleportation of things from the site. Teleportation is an element of PK. Once we can interact with things at the site the next step would be to "bring things back from the site".

PHASE III would be teleportation of things to the site. Once we can remove things from the site we should be able to send them as well.

This is the most diffiE-ultstage to under s tanT.-Time is considered another dimension, but there may be many more. Mathematically it is considered that there are infinite numbers of dimensions.

Stage XI would be broken into at least two phases:

PHASE I would be altering time at the site. Time could be frozen, moved forward, or moved back. The implications of this are mind boggling. I believe this is the first stage where we could truly effect (alter) the future (as well as the past and the present).

PHASE II Maybe by the time we reach Stage XI we will understand enough about alternate dimensions to use this phase. I believe there would probably be an additional phase for each additional dimension we discover. I realize these concepts are difficult to grasp and impossible to believe, but, they are a natural flow of the signal and it is for this reason I included them. Only time will tell,whatever time is.

The Full document can be found and downloaded from here:



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