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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Remote viewing links - Mygetgo homepage

The internet is getting bigger - we can all a testify to this. With this increase comes the increase in subjects, and over the last ten years I have seen the amount of Remote viewing websites grow from a small handful in 1996 to 13,700,000 (Goggle search 28.3.2007).

To keep up with this expanding list I created a remote viewing Mygetgo homepage. These are home or internet start pages YOU create. You can choose a theme to suit your personality then choose the content for that page and where you want it in the page.

This Mygetgo you can save as your home page or as a bookmark. It lists all the popular websites, blogs, and news sources. It also has a few useful tools like:

  • Google search,
  • Babylon word finder/translator,
  • News from; Time, CNN, FOX, NY Times, Reuters
  • Psychic news feeds
  • – flights
  • Flikr images

You cant move the content around the page or edit/change the content within this public Mygetgo – but if you feel adventurous or if you want one for yourself then just signup and experiment with this beta product.

Mygetgo - remote viewing home page

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