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Saturday, November 24, 2007

DI51 1000 pages in Remote viewing files...

As part of my research about Remote viewing I have been looking into the UK MOD and British Military Intel, especially in the time period below of which there is a reference in the US CIA FOIA documentation release where a member of the STARGATE remote viewing unit met and brief officers from DI55 - the alleged UFO/Strange department of UK military intelligence.

To do this I have been using the UK FOIA to try to release some of this information.
A recent reply to one of these requests is enclosed and details branches of Defence Intelligence have a 1000 page document on remote viewing and PSI activities.

Thank you for your email of 17th October, which you submitted to the Info Access
Office of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), in which you asked the MOD for information on:
‘any files held by DI55 or the Departmental Records Officer which would have been open during 1994 that contain the terms 'Anomalous Mental Phenomena' or terms or acronyms with a similar meaning within the title such as: psychic, remote viewing, remote action, ESP, PSI, Stargate’. Your request has been considered as a request for information under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) 2000.

Following an extensive search of records held by the Defence Intelligence Staff and the Departmental Records Office, two files have been identified which contain the specified terms and acronyms in their titles. Their reference numbers are: DI51/GO21 and DI51/GO28. It has not been possible to establish when the files were opened, but they were closed and archived in 1999 and together contain almost one thousand pages, so they might have been open in 1994. The vast majority of the documents in the files are copies of papers which are already in the public domain, consisting of cuttings and articles from magazines, newspapers and the internet related to distance viewing and other psychic phenomena.

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