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Friday, October 17, 2008

Remote Influencing Experiment

Remote Influencing trials.

As the first in a series of remote influencing experiments on UKRV we aim to trial I tried to remote influence an REG (random event generator) based a few hundred miles away from me.

For this first attempt I attempted to use three differing psychic methods each lasting for 20 minutes within the space of a hours work.

The REG machine compiles a report of the activity (see image) When working normally the line will go up and down generally in the middle of the page/graph - above and below the centre line in between the curved marker

Mine has the good effect outside the curve near the beginning then generally just stays high and increases high - The best effect though was near the beginning showing a small time of remote influencing on the machine

I think to be honest trying three completely different psychic methods was too much in such a short time space and watching the clock for the 20 minute time zones didn’t help my focus, but its all experimental and this will be adjusted.

The first 20 minutes was using a deep mediation and a technique discarnate entities taught me about moving part of myself to different places other than me - this worked the best it seems.

The second 20 minutes I went straight into a frontloaded remote viewing of the machine and tried to describe/sketch its internal components.

The third 20 minutes I went straight into Qui Gong deep breathing exercises - building my energy and trying to push/transfer this towards the machine.

We have much more work to be done and ideas for trial and potential uses so watch this space over the coming months.

All the best...

Daz Smith

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Remote Viewing the Steve Fossett disappearance

On this blog in September of 2007 we posted a single session and blind analysis from a group of civilian remote viewers, and their attempt at finding out what happened to Steve Fossett. Click here to read the original post.

As with ALL remote viewing - it can only be real Remote Viewing and fully evaluated with feedback, and with the latest discoveries of articles the plane and a crash site a picture is now starting to emerge of what happened that fateful day.

With this in mind the members of The Aurora Group - a civilian remote viewing group working operational and humanitarian projects, have given me permission to post all the blind remote viewing sessions and blind analysis.

Aurora-Steve Fossett RV sessions - (click to view or download).

As with all Rv there is both accurate and inaccurate data, but overall i think you'll agree the picture from the viewers and the analyst is close to the emerging picture.

All the best...

Daz Smith