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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Remote Viewing the Steve Fossett disappearance

On this blog in September of 2007 we posted a single session and blind analysis from a group of civilian remote viewers, and their attempt at finding out what happened to Steve Fossett. Click here to read the original post.

As with ALL remote viewing - it can only be real Remote Viewing and fully evaluated with feedback, and with the latest discoveries of articles the plane and a crash site a picture is now starting to emerge of what happened that fateful day.

With this in mind the members of The Aurora Group - a civilian remote viewing group working operational and humanitarian projects, have given me permission to post all the blind remote viewing sessions and blind analysis.

Aurora-Steve Fossett RV sessions - (click to view or download).

As with all Rv there is both accurate and inaccurate data, but overall i think you'll agree the picture from the viewers and the analyst is close to the emerging picture.

All the best...

Daz Smith


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