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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Telegraph article on remote viewing, UK

A few weeks back, I was interviewed by one of the UK's leading newspapers on the subject of remote viewing. Overall it did not turn out too badly as many of these things do when discussing the psychic and the paranormal.

Personally I feel my team of remote viewers DID accurately answer the remote viewing target/question of: 'were there any illegitimate children' as a NO. My team described the existing family with enough clarity to cause the reporter to be upset and cry but didn't describe any additional children - hence question answered IMO.

"Smith has used RV to visualise GPS co-ordinates and exact details of locations and crime scenes – helping police to track down lost children, as well as human remains and criminals on the run. He showed me letters of thanks for his help in finding the bodies of a missing US Army staff sergeant, and a Kansas suicide victim. "I couldn't save these people's lives, but I helped their families get closure on their deaths," he says.

How is it possible to do this? The answer, says Smith, lies in a programme devised for the CIA by a psychic called Ingo Swann, who developed techniques for stimulating creativity and accessing the subconscious. "Everyone is mildly psychic and can learn to do remote viewing," Smith says. "The training – which is lengthy, like learning a martial art – teaches you to interpret subtle gut impressions. But it's like everything: to be world-class you do need talent."

You can read the full article for yourself

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