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Friday, November 21, 2008

160 Remote Viewing examples

160 (mainly CRV) Remote viewing Examples

I have just reorganised and updated the Star gate documents area of my main site and now have two pages of documents in .pdf format.
Page 1 has over 100 Military (mainly CRV) sessions for you to view
- all with feedback -

Page 2 - has a selection of interesting documents from the CIA archives.

I have also with permission and help from Angela T Smith added Angela's 2001 remote viewing study to the site - this includes all the 25 RV sessions from all the methods (CRV, TRV,ERV, HRVG) and schools (USMI L, PSI , RVI S, CRV) from all levels of trained people - విత్ their feedback and Angela's summary of the data.

Add to this my personal remote viewings and this makes approx 160 mixed method(but mainly CRV) sessions on public display with feedback.

All the best...

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