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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Remote viewing the terrorist attacks

Ok so this cant officially be classed a remote viewing session until we get feedback but I though I would post it here anyway. I have already posted this session in on the popular TKR (remote viewers haven) and my own site but felt that I could also reach a few people by posting it here.

I was blindly tasked this by an RV friend last year and the target was ‘name/describe the city to have the next major bio attack within the next three years’. All I can say is not knowing what the target was I did a remote viewing session that seems to describe New York and ‘lots of dead people’.

Again its not strictly remote viewing because you need feedback to call it so, and as it clearly hasn’t happened yet or three years passed then feedback is lacking. Could it happen? – Who knows, as we all know RV has a dodgy track record – but occasionally accurate results do happen in RV.

I just feel that these things happen for a reason and as long as people see it in its reference and use common sense when reviewing it then it won’t cause any harm. So if you asked me if I believed it could happen then I would say that based on my previous RV targets and accuracy I would put it at about 60% possible. But again who really knows after all this is remote viewing. Interesting but not 100% accurate in what it does.

click here to view the terror attack rv session as a .pdf

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Seeing dead people

Seeing dead people

Today I woke up seeing dead people. Yes I know it sounds strange to some of you. The normal ones, the untouched by the dark hand of god bestowing this supposed ‘gift’. You see I have always been different, always seen people and things others couldn’t. In my youth I feasted on this as I devoured book after book on anything paranormal. Growing up back then most kids were reading the lion the witch and the wardrobe – I was reading ghosts, monsters and UFO’s.

In recent years I have concentrated my efforts on remote viewing hiding behind its opaque cloak of acceptability. Can you believe I actually almost got into the mind set of believe this – an acceptable psi skill! But alas it’s still not true. There is NO form of psi that is acceptable to the unaflicted – the normal people.

Even now when I share a great RV session to the ‘normal’ and one that is worthy of a trip to the bar toasting a martini or two with Mr Swann. Even when I show the session - then like a rabbit out of a hat I produce the feedback and wait for that ‘Ta da’ expression – I don’t get one. But I do get that look we have all had well the psychics amongst us anyway. That shift of the eyes as if the person is looking at you a new for the first time. A look that feels like it came right out of the medieval witch hunts itself. Realisations that the person across from you – actually thinks you are mentally ill – or worse possessed!

So yes I have probably been hiding behind RV, hoping that at last psychics have found respectability. I was wrong. But never mind I’m still a slave to remote viewing, I love the process, the clarity of the data and the beautiful gift of insight when matching correct data to the feedback – there is no feeling like it – its as close to flying one can get without wings or drugs.

So anyway back to the dead people. They are always thee of course, on the edge of my periphery, hanging back just far enough to not intrude into everything I do in my day to day life, but just enough to smile at me now and then awaiting my return.

Faces and conversations flitter in and out of my subconscious when I let them, trivial details, feelings and sometimes insights. So many life forms hanging around us as we live. Of course most of these are ties of love as they look in on family and friends – visiting relatives – imagine if everyone saw them it would bring a whole new set of relative jokes for comedians.

So there it is – today I woke up and saw dead people – no big deal many of us do it. You learn to live with it. Sometimes though I do wonder - is this really a gift?

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Is remote viewing becoming too mainstream?

This weekend as I write this there are a few hundred alleged RV practitioners right now sat in front of a small group of past remote viewers and the creators, listening to old war stories and magnificent tales of the possibilities of RV.

But is this (IRVA annual conference) the actual death knell for the art of remote viewing, is the move to try and make a psychic practice mainstream and acceptable by closed minded people also the method that has made the field boring, stuffy and predicable. I see the IRVA conference and what it stands for and for me it has all the feelings and aspirations of something like those kind of conferences where proctologist sits around, do lunch and tell funny stories. All the time eagerly mentioning the possibilities that the future holds, but never actually really doing anything to reach for those future goals.

Look - I don’t want to down the IRVA but I just don’t get it. Yes I would like to hear and see RV legends like Ingo Swann, but I also want to see exciting new moves forward in RV, new method ideas, new discoveries, great new projects, but however hard I try I just don’t see it. All I see is science and old stories.

I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I feel that in the attempt to make remote viewing fit into a scientific/serious subject makes the heart and personality of RV disappear. It’s no wonder huge personalities like Courtney, Dames and Calabrese gained the headlines I can see now why. They all radiate a passion, a sense of wonderment and discovery, and an itching- hyperactive air of continual movement in trying to take RV forward and although they made mistakes I really miss this positive, beautiful attitude that I just don’t see in the mainstream attempts.

So rant over – I really do wish them (IRVA) the best – but I don’t think I can don a grey suit and join them, I want something more for RV.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Where have all the Viewers Gone?

Where are all the Viewers gone?

Ok so you know from my mumblings on this post that I’ve been around a while now (see second post for detail). Over this time I have always lurked and participated on most of the online remote viewing communities. First there was VWR, then Stargate, TKR, HRVG, Grill flame, and once in a while although I got quickly bored IRVA.

One thing I have noticed and this is that there are now quite a few teachers of methods based RV, these include Paul Smith, Angela T Smith, Lyn Buchanan, Ed Dames, Danes Spotts/Joanie, Pru Calabrese, Glenn Wheaton, and some others.
Over the last five years, even though teaching has actually gone on longer there must have been thousands of students created by these schools and yet in this vast online oasis I only really see a handful of people communicating. So I have to ask where have all the viewers gone? Is it a case of another ‘Pat Price’ style rumour and vast teams of psychic have been whisked away to secret Government labs and are right now – strapped to tables in rows – forced to RV the eating habits of Osama Bin Laden. LOL I doubt it. So where are they? Why does it still feel like a lonely pursuit? Yes I can go to TKR and leave a few comments to help the newbie’s that fall upon the site in their eagerness to stay on the RV path to righteousness, but overall I don’t see a great swathe of surging psychics using their skill like reborn X-men. Or are remote viewers actually closet psychics? Were the witch hunts of the past so effective in not only eliminating vast lines of strong genetic psychic talent from the human DNA pool, but also still effective today as the consequences ripple through time and affect the human subconscious, making anything psychic instantly an underground skill, one to be used in dark corners of closed door places, hidden and secret.

Personally I think its time the psychics ‘came out’ – hell! If gay people could do it and become accepted and also a strong force in general society then maybe its time we had a ‘purple movement’. Psychics, banding together to make themselves acceptable. We could wear purple ribbons to demonstrate our commitment, and you could see great swathes of psychics protesting in the streets, wanting equal rights as human beings – of course the demo wouldn’t get very far – most people would end up at the side of the road doing readings. Its time to come out of the closet – I mean what would they do – hang you, drown you, burn you at the stake, lock you up-fill you with drugs and make you find terrorist?

Or maybe, just maybe we would become more accepted.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Magic of RV sessions

Partly because PJ mentioned it on her blog and partly because I had a creative itch that needed to be expelled I’m going to describe how a session feels to me.

So the start – cool down.
I always kick in a playlist specially prepared on my PC in Winamp. This comprises of classical music, to be exact classical chill out – with themes from many great films that fill the air with haunting etheric melodies like the theme from Traffic. Now I chose or actually settled on classical music as it tended to keep a soft but steady tonal range and it flowed. I don’t have nay music with voices or singing as I don’t want words to filter into my subconscious. Unlike a lot of viewers I do play music through the entire session, although I do turn the sound right down when the real work actually starts.

So now the mood is set I close my eyes and try to clam my hectic mind. First its hard, projects from work and daily problems whiz past in a washing machine spin of busy noise.To dispel this I form an old suitcase in my mind and one by one I grab each of these busy thoughts by the scruff of the neck and fling them protesting into the suitcase. When they are all in there I slam the lid and kick the suitcase into touch – this is now my time.

I now hear the music and in the darkness of my closed vision I try to focus on the notes as they snake through the mist of my mind. As I do this I can feel my breathing, I purposely take long deep breaths and as I breathe out I release then tension from my muscles and they scurry away like little beetles as my shoulders and body position shift with each breath making me shirk in size within the chair.

Now it’s just a case of waiting and focusing inwards on the space. After an undermined period of time, when it feels right I start to make progression towards slightly withdrawing from the semi meditative state before I wander and end up in deep meditation. I know I want to start viewing soon so I start to affirmative and dialogue with my subconscious. I thank it – yes you heard me I thank my subconscious for the work to date. I then ask if we could just do a bit better than the last time, that I have a target XXXX-4444 and that I really do need to solve this and describe the target as best I can. I affirm;

‘Im a remote viewer, and by being so I can travel anywhere in time and space. Today I will do so to the target XXXX-4444 for (John Doe) let’s make this a good one and get the information they need’.

I then open my eyes, adjust to the intensity of the light, shuffle my stack of gleaming virgin paper, and begin.

First I should mention I practice a form of viewing which is a loose CRV – so Im afraid I can only describe this style.

Stage1: dancing with the devil
I love stage 1, I respect stage1, me and stage 1 are like this (tries to show fingers entwined). I love the beauty and simplicity of a beautifully formed and probed ideogram. To me when I see an ideogram on paper it feels like I have danced with the signal line - it feels like the psychic data has swirled and traced a route on the paper, a pure route to the soul of the target.

When I probe the ideograms the data just feels so right, like the innocence you feel from a child, uncorrupted. So Ideograms for me are fleeting momentary glimpses of raw simplicity. After the ideogram, and the initial tender probe for its basic form I then move on to more detailed information. It’s like dating – you ask the girl for a date – you dance a little then you try to find out a little more detail.

This is where you can probe the ideogram for stage2 data. Unlike a first date, you touch or probe the ideogram and ask
  1. ‘what do you feel like?’

  2. ‘What textures, temperatures and colours do I feel from you?’
As I do this, blinding flashes of data fill my mind. Sometime fleeting glimpse of images and shapes, but more often than not - words. Words that flow, from where and how I don’t know. I don’t try to think what they are or what they mean, I just try to write. If it’s in my head its right, no matter how wrong it sounds.

Then the dimensional data comes in. Quickly before you realise it, your writing words like;
Tall, solid, heavy, curved, central…
Your mind strains at wanting to complete those clusters, you fell a yearning to open the floodgate right there and then and let a whole stream of data rush through. But following what I have been taught, I know this heralds a move to stage3, so it’s off the stage3 I go.

Stage3 - freedom!
I start stage 3 as I have been taught by writing the page number; the stage number at the top and a column for AOL’s or breaks down the right hand side of the page. All the time expectant in my anticipation to draw some lines. To make some movements – the paper feels like it is flirting with me, taunting me.
I quickly scribble the target coordinate, put the pen on the paper and let my arm do just want it wants to. It took me years to get this part right, many times when learning I felt compelled to force or direct my movements, to try to kick start the sketching, I mean Im an artist god damn it, I should be an RV Picasso by now! There was the problem! I was trying too hard, too hard to make sense of the sketches and too hard to make them look like Joe M’s. It took years, but one day a part of me gave in a resigned, and everything worked after this. I guess I just came to trust my feelings and to just let it flow. And to realise that whatever flowed - was right!

So now I just put the pen on the paper and allow the movement to happen and it does within a second, if you wait longer than this it’s forced and not real. I work like this for 3-6 pages. All filled with shapes, lines and squiggles. Some seem to have form and meaning and others well just don’t know – but this is alright, this is the way its meant to be.
To get more perspective on the target I move myself around. I do this by writing a cue on the paper – ‘move 150ft above the target and describe in detail’. Then Bang! New shapes form from my arm as it spontaneously sketches god knows what, but internally I can feel the buzz and feeling of data from the new cue as it flows through my body into the pen.

I may move myself to other parts of the target, its all about feelings, sometimes you feel like you need to move, to look around and sometimes you don’t. I also probe the sketches. If anything looks interesting I’ll probe and touch it with the pen and like stage 2 I’ll ask questions like ‘what does his feel like? I will only probe for stage 2 sensory data, and always mindful to describe and not to identify, and if any pesky little AOL critters in the form of guesses form, I quickly scribble them in the AOL column put down my pen thank my subconscious for the data, I pick up the pen and then move on.

Overall stage3 is the start of freedom within CRV. CRV likes to keep you locked in a set of methods that try to restrain AOL’s. Within stage 3 you start to feel a freedom, you can move, you can and should spread your RV wings and look around. To be honest if you ever don’t get enough data form a target it’s only because you haven’t got up off your psychic passenger ass and looked around enough, the responsibility and control is all yours. When I feel dry, and the sketches feel like they don’t want to come, I know its time to move to the next stage.

Stage4 (The matrix - and not a sign of Neo)
I also love stage 4.The possibilities within this small sectioned out page seem limitless. I know that I am a god here! I control the flow of data and only I can decide what to record, and what to probe. I now some people don’t like the rigid, lined form of a matrix with its uniformed controlling columns. I just see them as veins, and my data as the blood carried in the veins that will bring life to the target.
I generally start off with stage2 impressions, basic sensory data to start the flow. So I put my pen in the column marked S2, and I ask what the target feels like. Without thinking, instantaneously I know! Clusters of words spiral into my mind almost faster than I can write. My hand tries to keep up as I write the small one word impressions as my eyes continuously scan the matrix for the right column to add the data. Within seconds I have a snakes and ladders stream of data that has left a snail like trail as it moved across and down the page leaving words scattered in the various columns along the way;
  • Cold
  • Solid
  • Hard
  • Tall
  • Pitted
  • Surface
  • AOL – walls
I spend pages within stage4. Probing the matrix for sensory data. And hurriedly writing those little clusters of info as fast as they form. Each cluster seems to build on the last and like roads and highways, one cluster may end but at the same time initiate a new route of information in a new stream of clustered data. If I feel a need I sketch again – I just do it there and then within the matrix page. This is then probed and poked by me as I try to determine the form of the sketch and try to dissect it and label it with yes more clusters of data. If I had to give a name to the stages then stage 4 would be flying! That’s what you can do here, you have control of the wheel and the target is there waiting in front of you. It wants to be exposed, I can feel it. It’s dressed as a trickster looking at me from behind a curtain taunting me to come closer, to find its secrets. One thing about stage 4 though is WORK! You have to work, and sometime this is had as some targets don’t want to give up their secrets. But it’s like anything in life – you get out of it what you put in to it. You have to work the target.

Stage5 - mind mapping
Ok Im a bit of a bandit here and this is where CRV and I part company. I tried to use the CRV way of doing stage5 but found it cumbersome and restrictive. Stage 5 is for taking data and impressions that you have already written/collected and then breaking these down for their smaller parts to see why we got the larger part – this is very good for AOL’s/Guesses. To find the real data that caused the guess or AOL.
For example we could break down the word military into:
  1. Regime

  2. Discipline

  3. Marching

  4. Orders

  5. Men

  6. Arms

  7. War

  8. Pain

  9. anguish
And so forth.

Well the proper way of doing it has all these technical labels like subjects, emanations, topics, blah, blah blah. I now use a simplified approach – one called, mind mapping!
I take the word I want to break down and find out more from. I then write it in the centre of my paper and then like spider tendrils I draw arms shooting out form it so sub elements of the word. These create even more to form, and before you know it the original word is surrounded by a stream of conscious impression that you hadn’t even thought of when you initially wrote the word but now make complete sense and looking back on all your other data some of it feel just right!

Summaries...gotta have em!
OK this is the hard bit for me. I’ve just spent well over an hour in session so I feel like coming out now. But I need a summary – every session needs a summary! So I force myself to spend another twenty minutes. I read through my entire session, and as I do so the data somehow seems to start to gel together into a story that unfolds with each stage like the chapters on a book. After I read it all, I reread it then one by one I write all the data into small sentences.
  1. There is a structure.

  2. The structure is hard, tall, multi levelled, and it is a workplace.
It all feels a little clinical and I know I felt a whole lot more when doing it, but I also know that twenty pages of scribbles and sketches need some kind of order, so I persevere.
It’s finished – a perfect little session. All in all twenty pages with a summary. All stacked in a neat little pile in front of me. Every time I see this Im excited, its all still a mystery, did I do it this time? What was that thing I drew? Will I have my martinis?

For now I will have to wait as I pdf the session and send it out across the internet to the tasker and my ominous wait for the feedback that still, after all these years pulls at me like I’m a crack whore clawing for my next fix.
Lets hope the wait wont be long!