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Monday, July 24, 2006

Educational remote viewing

Sessions gone bad!
Ok so we’ve mentioned here and you’ve probably read online that to become a zen jedi knight of the supreme order of remote viewers takes a lot of practice. Practice being practice you only really learn from your mistakes and learning to be a competent remote viewer certainly gives you those!

So me and PJ from TKR were discussing a few months back ways of helping tech newbies some of the intricacies of RV and what can go wrong. To do this we not only have to show actual RV sessions online and in full public glare but to do this right – they also have to be sessions whereby the viewer was OFF target. Believe me getting remote viewers to share is hard – to share their bad sessions, well you get the picture.

So enclosed here are two
.edu sessions that were prepared for PJ, but she hasn’t posted online yet - but she’s one busy chick creating all sorts of RV tools for the RV challenged. So I thought I would make use of them an post them online while we wait ;)

Each session has been viewed by me – daz and I have annotated the sessions showing I hope the progression and the point where he sessions take a wrong track which elaborates and builds on the raw ‘real’ data with imagination. I hope that you will also get something from these sessions and they may help you recognise patterns in your psychic data that occur during remote viewing.

Session1 – edu1.pdf – click here to download

Session2 – edu2.pdf – click here to download



  • Hi Daz,

    Very useful work there. I look closely at my sessions too...and can often see just where I have started to go astray, and how a fairly insignificant aol can turn into a full-blown Hollywood production ;-)

    I meant to mention before, but didn't get round to it, that I think one of the the most important things I ever read amongst the Stargate FOI stuff on your site (and don't ask me to find it :-)), went relatively unnoticed. It was about monitored sessions, where the viewer was actually told, mid-session when they were on target. It was/is not a normal thing to do obviously, but this training was to get the viewer to be able to 'recognise' when they were on target, by giving them feedback on how it 'felt'.

    I guess you can liken it to learning to recognise when you are in a lucid dream (without spotting the curtains are the wrong colour or anything else is wrong first)...but straight off, just by 'that familiar feeling'. However you have to experience it over and over again before you get to recognise it. It's not so easy with RV, because you don't train for it, and it is not possible without another to help you. Get my drift? Could that be taught I wonder? I don't think people practice that kind of monitoring; in the civilian world anyway..though I may be wrong. I'd be interested to know what you think about that?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:59 PM  

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