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Saturday, July 15, 2006

future remote viewing...

On Pj's TKR we have recently been hotly debating rving future events and the possible noise problems that degrade accuracy of the future data. I guess with these thoughts on my mind just after finishing one future outcome target this week I thought I would try an off the cuff session as I was still in the mood.

I quickly self tasked myself with:

next major catastrophe of over 100 dead

Now you would think I would have learnt by now and tasked myself allot better, tighter but as I say it was off the cuff.

Anyway I created a session about a hot middle east town being impacted causing buildings to collapse and people to be crushed - even AOL'd Afghanistan - within a day or so we get the news that the UK led by the us drops three 500lb bombs on an Afghan town killing up to 200 people - mostly civilians.

Now yes I guess anyone could just do a session for this area of the world at any point and get carnage so it’s not going to prove that RV works and ‘ohhh what great tool it is’. But it does go someway towards my TKR argument that future based RV targeting doesn’t have to be tainted by excessive noise – if you don’t believe and allow noise into the equasion. Of course we need a hell of a lot of sessions to prove a case in either direction. But at least you can see that predictive Rv does and can work.

The Remote viewing session and feedback can be downloaded here (right click and save as) or viewed by just clicking on it.


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