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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Euro remote viewing kicks off.

Well we finally did it. Remote viewers form different contries and rv backgrounds got togther in London, UK. Countries in attendance at the first Euro Rv/TKR meeting were:
  • UK,
  • Netherlands,
  • Spain,
  • Australia.
Different rv methods were in attendance from freestyle/natural remote viewing to TRV and CRV and the meeting went well with no arguing over the best methods and the only real centre point of interest was the furthering of Rv for those involved in the meeting and as a community.

For those of you who attended the meeting and who will read this, thank you! It was both great fun, and very informative. It also showed me personally that Rv does have a chance of developing and that there are very dedicated and knoledgeable people who want to see RV develop and grow.

Heres to next years gathering which will be approx the same date - but bigger - watch this space for details.



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