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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Remote viewing the terrorist attacks

Ok so this cant officially be classed a remote viewing session until we get feedback but I though I would post it here anyway. I have already posted this session in on the popular TKR (remote viewers haven) and my own site but felt that I could also reach a few people by posting it here.

I was blindly tasked this by an RV friend last year and the target was ‘name/describe the city to have the next major bio attack within the next three years’. All I can say is not knowing what the target was I did a remote viewing session that seems to describe New York and ‘lots of dead people’.

Again its not strictly remote viewing because you need feedback to call it so, and as it clearly hasn’t happened yet or three years passed then feedback is lacking. Could it happen? – Who knows, as we all know RV has a dodgy track record – but occasionally accurate results do happen in RV.

I just feel that these things happen for a reason and as long as people see it in its reference and use common sense when reviewing it then it won’t cause any harm. So if you asked me if I believed it could happen then I would say that based on my previous RV targets and accuracy I would put it at about 60% possible. But again who really knows after all this is remote viewing. Interesting but not 100% accurate in what it does.

click here to view the terror attack rv session as a .pdf


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